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how much room does one baby need?!?

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DD just squeezed both me and DH out of our KING size bed.
He went to sleep in the guest room under the guise of 'not needing to be a baby punch bag tonight'.

I'm starting to understand the 'cover the floor of the bedroom with mattresses' thing. At least then there are walls to stop her.
Unless she breaks through the walls and by the force of some of those flops, you'd think she could.
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Ha! Yep same things going on here. DS manages to take up our whole bed all the time. I have a feeling a bigger bed won't help things much.
DD is a scoocher and will take up as much room as I let her. I am constantly moving her back over to her side after she has chased down her milkies for the nth time. We have a king too, btw.
My DD is also a scoocher. What helped us was to find a twin mattress that was a few inches lower than ours and then put them on the floor next to each other. I'm still right there and she can reach out to me in the night, but the few inches height difference usually means she stays on her twin.
Oh, I hear ya! My 14 month old DD shoves me out several times per night!
She redefines bed hog!!
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