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I have been making these for years for various people, and now a couple people want to buy them from me, and I really need the money. The thing is I don't know how much to charge for them! I looked on Ebay to see how much they charge there, and it seems to be about $30-35...does this seem to much for you? How much would you pay for one? Here are some pictures of ones to see how they look and their quality.


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How much do materials cost? How long does it take you to make?

For $35, materials would have to cost less than $10 and it should take you less than 2 hours to make. And that 2 hours covers EVERYTHING, time spent shopping, doing laundry if you pre-shrink, time cutting, and tieing. And at that you'd only be making about $10/hr for them. Oh, and don't forget... how far away is the fabric store, because you also have to consider gas costs.

If all told it costs more than $10 in material and takes you more than 2 hours to make, then $35 is a little low, IMO.
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