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He has a few "sure thing" meals that he shovels by the hand-full into his mouth...
Spaghetti (home-canned sauce packed with spinach, shrooms, onion and organic beef) w/whole wheat pasta
Split Pea Soup (with potatoe and carrot chunks, onion and ham)
Lentil soup (with potatoe and carrot chunks, leek, onion, bell pepper)
hamburger meat
peanut butter and toast

These are the "sure things". Otherwise I have a hard time getting veggies down him or dairy. He won't do dairy at all, in any shape or form. He likes cantaloupe and sometimes pineapple and he likes apple. I try and serve him one of his favorites for dinner so that he gets one big meal in. Breakfast and lunch I try something new sometimes and I don't worry if he doesn't get into it since dinner will be a "sure thing" meal.
Oh, and he still nurses regularly during the day and night which helps me not to worry. But, from time to time I get concerned since I feel like he should be eating more veggies instead of what is in chunks in a soup.

What do you think?

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my daughter is the same age--same birthday too!

Her sure things are:

home made mac and cheese
kamut pasta with butter and parmesan
kamut puff cereal (sometimes)
cottage cheese
lentil loaf (very easy to make)
veggie pate
banana bread ( I add zucchini and carrots!)
veggie booty
peanut butter panda puff cereal
summer garden veggie organic baby food (the only one she'll eat)

I too worry about her not getting enough veggies--so I've started making smoothies and adding veggies into it----she usually will have 1/4 cup or more.

A good friend of mine gives her son 'Greens' drink--an apple flavored powdered green juice with tons of veggies in it.

It's so hard getting them to eat at this age isn't it?

I add flax oil and nutritional yeast to her food too as she's vegetarian.
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