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my daughter is the same age--same birthday too!

Her sure things are:

home made mac and cheese
kamut pasta with butter and parmesan
kamut puff cereal (sometimes)
cottage cheese
lentil loaf (very easy to make)
veggie pate
banana bread ( I add zucchini and carrots!)
veggie booty
peanut butter panda puff cereal
summer garden veggie organic baby food (the only one she'll eat)

I too worry about her not getting enough veggies--so I've started making smoothies and adding veggies into it----she usually will have 1/4 cup or more.

A good friend of mine gives her son 'Greens' drink--an apple flavored powdered green juice with tons of veggies in it.

It's so hard getting them to eat at this age isn't it?

I add flax oil and nutritional yeast to her food too as she's vegetarian.
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