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How much suds is worth worrying about?

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I was using 7th Gen until I started to get build up and then switched to Arm and Hammer. I now rinse once in hot then at least 2 more times in cold. In the last rinse I'm still seeing a few bubbles in the water. Should I worry about these?

My stash is 90% hemp fleece prefolds and a few FB, HH, and ReUzEms.
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Maybe you need to strip them. If I see bubbles, I keep rinsin. Buildup, especially with hemp will cause you to have some STINKY diapers. They'll seem fine out of the wash but as soon as your dc pees in them.....WATCH OUT!
I'm not into using a ton of water, so if there's a few big bubbles that pop fast (as opposed to, say, a layer of foam) then I don't worry about it.
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