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How much to pump for two days?

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My DD is 10 months old (today!
), and in about a month, I have to go away for two days. We're looking at me pumping and freezing enough milk for DH to feed her while I'm gone, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get enough, because I haven't been very pumping proficient in the past, and I only have about a month to get this together. And you all know how well lactation under pressure goes.

So, my first question is, does anyone have any estimation on how much the average 10 month old gets at every feeding?

Second, would it be bad, at this point, to supplement with formula for a few feedings a day, just for those two days?

Please don't come back and tell me to take her with me, if I could, I would. I hate the thought of leaving her home for those two days.

Thanks everyone!
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Kelly mom says between 30 ounces and 19 ounces per day, depending on how much solids baby is eating.

Personally, if I were running short of expressed breast milk for just a day or two, I would increase solids for those days instead of feeding formula.
I'd agree with 10 months it would probably be better just to add a little more "solid" instead of introducing formula. If your little one hasn't had solids yet, or has only had a little, something simple like oatmeal might be a good option. Or maybe banana or avocado. Nutritious and filling and better overall than formula, especially if your little one will be getting breast milk via bottle or sippy at the same time.

The kelly mom caluclator is great. Another possiblity would be to keep track for a day or two of how many times your dc is nursing and for how long. My own dd had a few "big meals" when she was 10 months, and lots of little nibbles during a 24 hours period. Figuring out how many "meals" your little one expects (versus those snacking/noshing nursing sessions) can give you an idea of how many bottles they'll need over two days.

Good luck with your trip...
Hi SA - I know that when I'm at school DD takes around 5oz every 4 hours or so. When I'm around she wants to nurse every 3 hours, but she isn't so enthusiastic about the bottle and waits until she's really hungry rather than wanting the comfort aspect sooner. DD is eating around 1.5 meals of solids a day plus some little snacks and I'd estimate she gets around 20oz a day, plus night nursing. I think the night nursing is going to be really important while you're gone, so it's good that you're leaving bm for her.
My DD took about 40 oz. of pumped breastmilk per day at that age. She was eating solids, but not a lot. That includes a little extra in case she didn't comlpetely finish a bottle or whatever.
are you pumping and storing now? because it takes a week or two to pump extra than you already prduce!
Hey everyone; thanks so much for the advice.

DD is pretty into solids right now, so increasing solids might work. She's generally only interested in solids if dh and I are eating, though, and then, only what we're eating. So, while she's interested, she's definitely not getting a LOT, you know?

I started pumping between feedings yesterday; she NEVER empties either side at any feeding; even overnight, so I'm really not worried about my supply; I'm more worried about pumping itself. It's just really hard to get letdown for me.

Now that I have some number to shoot for, though, at least I have a goal.

Thanks again, everyone!

so glad to see your post- I'm in pretty much the same boat with my 5 1/2 month old DS. My question is... when do you pump? I usually pump once at about 9pm (2hrs after DS eats and goes to sleep) because I actually get a good 4-5 ounces.

I feel like I need to be pumping more often to store up enough before i go away. what other times of the day are good? how long after a feeding do you wait before pumping?
Bella, I generally pump in the morning, after dd is done eating. She's not interested in more milk till about noonish, so my body has plenty of tme to build back up.

I have more supply in the morning,I find.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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