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how much to wash new hemp liners?

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i just got new hemp liners for my FB's. i got the advice here to wash them to make them superabsorbent. how many times? does that include drying, or can i just wash time after time? i'm at my parents' right now, so free wash!!!

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I don't know of the hard fast rule, but I'm interested, so I'm also bumping this up...

When I got my liners, I just kept them in the laundry as I folded... That is to say that I did dry them, then instead of putting them in the basket to come back upstairs, I just tossed them back into the washer to go with whatever was next.

I probably washed them 3-5 times, but I have to say -- I've read 8 other places, and I think they are now absorbing better than they did at first.

Hopefully others will be able to give you more sound advice.
Hemp is unbleached so it has more of the natural oils still on it. This means you're gonna want to wash it at least 4 times before relying on it for say a nap or going out. But I've used them after as little as 2 washings. They are NOT however as absorbant as they will be after 8 or so.

Same goes for unbleached prefolds btw...
nak - what brand did you buy? henp babies and wonderfulls are completely prewashed. babykicks are not.
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