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How much weight have you gained so far?

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I've gained a total of 5 lbs thus far. I had gained 8 but lost 3 in the past 3 weeks.
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Erika, I think that you and I posting might discourage people!

I've gained a total of 0 lbs. I had lost 6, and I've regained them, but I am holding at my prepregnancy weight now. I guess it is appropriate to make note of a couple of things for me - 1) I was overweight to start off with (wore a 16/18), and 2) I've been on one heck of a diet limited in calories and carbs due to Gestational Diabetes.
Discouraged is right! lol I thought I was doing well with 25lb weight gain! lol
No weight checks for me, best decision i ever made. The scale went out with the last donation lot, and I've never felt freer about weight.
I guess I win - I have gained 40

I gained 40 total w/ my first pregnancy and this time am at 40 with 7.5 weeks left to go

BUT - I was underweight when I got pregnant this time so I think this is just what my body is needing to do. Plus I lost all 40 by about 3 weeks post pardum w/ Maxi so hopefully that will happen again!
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This preg. has been a roller coaster for me - I'm 36 weeks now. I gained a few pounds in the first few months, and then developed hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) which I'm still on meds to control. One day without them and I'm chained to the toilet, rapidly getting more and more dehydrated - it stinks! Needless to say, I lost a LOT of weight till the meds got it under control, about 20 lbs. I've gained that back, and about 15 lbs now since my pre preggo weight, though now with such a squished stomach, I have been struggling to eat enough and only gained a pound this past month. Overall doing ok though - baby hasn't noticed!
28-31 lbs at 32 weeks (not sure where I started, actually). I was about 15 lbs overweight to start. Gained 55 lbs with DD #1 so am just thankful not to be doing that took a loooooong time to come off!

I'm aiming for 40 lbs or less, if possible!

After just 2 days of the pukes, and hearing y'all's hypermesis tales, I think I'll take weight gain over that!

PS All my weight is in my thighs.Seriously. All of it.
Don't be discouraged ladies... I'm also overweight so less is good. My sister gained 60+ lbs with all her pregnancies and looks great now so gain as much as you need/can/want!
I have now gained 3 lbs. Ugh. I am so sick again. I wouldn't be surprised if I drop back below pre-preg weight by the end. So far, I have managed to get down a single baked potato today.

about 25. I feel fine with that, everyone says it's all baby, and I feel good so whatever!
Looks like I am the winner at 55 pounds!
I've gained 30 so far, and am making sure it's not going to be more than 40 by the end.
Last I checked, I was still about 2 pounds (1 kilo) under my pre-pregnancy weight. I just can't seem to get above my pre-pregnancy weight. I have been a couple pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight a couple times, but by the next day, I am back down. I get nauseous occasionally, but it seems like I'm eating plenty. I just can't seem to be able to eat enough to gain.
I don't consider it an accomplishment, lol. 40+ pounds is a fine weight gain!
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25-ish at 35 weeks ... I'm pretty happy with that, but I'm not looking forward to trying to lose it post-partum. It never comes off very easily for me, even though I nurse like a madwoman.
34 lbs at 32 weeks.

I put on 42 lbs with ds (despite an incredibly healthy diet that time), and I fully expect to put on at least that much this time around. Unless this baby comes really early, of course.

The good news is I lost it all within 6 months last time, just by breastfeeding and carrying my baby around.
At least 40 so far...I gained around 50 with Simon and may or may not make it there with this one. I started gaining weight later in this pregnancy but I seem to be making up for lost time. Oh well. It all came off without effort last time, I'm sure it will again.

Originally Posted by MamanFrançaise
I've gained a total of 5 lbs thus far. I had gained 8 but lost 3 in the past 3 weeks.
I lost 8 and have gained that 8 back.

At 35 weeks, I've gained 19 pounds. I figured I would be on the low end for the group, but apparently I'm in the middle! I was hoping to gain about 30 pounds, just so I would know that my baby was gaining weight well. But I guess I will have to be satisfied with a fairly low weight gain. At least I gained 2 pounds this past week–first time that has happened!
I don't really know because I don't weigh myself, so I have no clue what my pre-pregnancy weight was. I think I've gained around 30 pounds (at almost 36 weeks).

Honestly, I don't care. I eat good and get moderate exercise, so I figure whatever I gain is what my body and my baby need.
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