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How Much Weight Have You Gained?

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I'm just a little freaked out over here. I'm 21 weeks and have only gained 2.5 pounds so far. However, we did IVF back in March and while I was on the infertility drugs I gained 15 lbs (putting me at 176 at the time of the egg transfer). Today I weighed in at 178.5 and I'm wondering if I should be concerned?
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well I lost 5 lbs in the first trimester, and still haven't gotten back up to my pre pregnancy weight. So now at 21 weeks I'm -1 lb. My midwife isn't too concerned. I eat well and that is all that matters. So I'd say as long as you're fundal height is fine and you eat well, I wouldn't worry.
Not sure - around 10 lbs or so maybe ?
11 pounds, 7 of which during the last 4 weeks.
10 lbs. Pretty much 1/2 lb. per week in the beginning and 1 lb. per week the past few weeks.
I think about 25 pounds....on the pound a week plan

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None yet. But I'm measuring fine, so I'm not worried.
I've gained about 20-25 lbs depending on what time of the day I get on the scale. I gained 10lbs this last month!!!! We did a lot of eating out before DH deployed so I'm sure that contributed to it but dang...I didn't think I was eating that much.
I've gained 15 lbs, 10 of which were in the first trimester. I was ~5 lb under my usual "ideal" weight when I got pregnant, so I attributed the early weight gain (and absolute ravenous appetite that went with it) to my body deciding that I needed more fat to nourish the little one with.
Mom2Ellis, did you lose any weight during the first trimester? A friend of mine did, so she hasn't gained the "recommended" amount of weight either. Her doctor isn't concerned because her weight gain is steady now.

Kritto, I wouldn't worry too much. If you're underweight at the time you get pregnant, most doctors will recommend that you gain about 5 extra pounds to compensate for it.

At my 17w4d appointment, I had gained only 5 pounds and I didn't lose ANYTHING during the first trimester. My weight was exactly the same at my 6w5d, 8w4d, 10w1d, and 13w4d appointments. I gained 5 pounds in about a month, so my doctor was pleased, but wants to see me gaining weight steadily from here on out to a maximum of 25 pounds.
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I am 22 weeks and have gained 3 lbs. I am not worried about it. I am measuring fine and baby was even a little on the big side at my 20 wk u/s.
I'm 23 weeks tomorrow. I've gained about 12-13 pounds. Honestly, I think about 8 of that is in my breasts! With my first pregnancy (twins) I lost 10 lbs right off and then didn't start gaining until I was almost 18 weeks. I delivered early but in the end only had put back the ten pounds and an additional 7.
Twelve pounds at 20 weeks. Far behind what I've usually gained at this time.
At 20 weeks I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight after losing some b/c of m/s. At my 24 week appt. this week I had gained seven. Yikes! I was shocked to see that much in one month. My midiwfe says it good though b/c the average by now is 10 so I'm good. I just hope I don't have a seven pound gain each month!
I've lost almost 20lbs (no sickness or anything, I just lose when pg) and just put back on 1lb this month. I'm 24 weeks.

Well at least none of ya'll are like my Slug cousin.

Yes I'll call her a slug.

She gained...






During her whole pregnancy (which is ending today in an induction at 42wks)

Mmmm Tim Hortons donuts, Ding Dongs, Ho hos, Vachon cakes, and good ol fasioned East Coast cookin...All while on

SELF IMPOSED BEDREST (read "Oh woe is me I'm pregnant I'm broken I dont dare get out of bed to do anything, at least my DH and my wonderful mother will enable me in my sloth like stupor by feeding me and taking care of my existing children")
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During the first trimester I would gain a couple, then lose a couple. The last couple of times I've been to seem the doc, they haven't measured my fundal height. But we've had a couple of u/s already and the baby is measuring small (7-9 days smaller than what it should be). I don't have the appetite I had with my DS. I gained a total of 50 lbs with him. I just wonder if I'm not eating enough.
last midwife appt i had gained a total of 6 pounds. I am not really feeling like i am gaining much but i guess we'll see toward the end of the month.
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