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How much would you pay??

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I'm thinking of selling some diapers. I've been getting input and want to figure out if it'd be worth it to me to make them to sell.
I've made my own pattern and it's perfect! (At least for my own babies!) And I'm embroidering and matching and they're turning out just beautiful!
Here are a few examples of diapers I've done. Some are with the very baby pattern... but you can picture the same designs and colors on my own pattern as well.
First... here are a couple of my own pattern.
This next one is the first draft of my pattern... I've changed it some. It was good here. It's great now.

And here are some creations I've made wth the very baby pattern:
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WOW!!!!!!!!! Those are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the question cannot be, "how much will I pay" because, unfortunately, I cannot afford diapers like that! Plus I'm sewing diapers myself and have just invested in a snap press (again).

Based on what I've seen people paying for embroidered diapers though, I'd say you could probably get anywhere from $30 to $50 per diaper, depending on stitch count, etc. You would probably need to price them cheaper initially though, until you make a name for yourself and there's positive reviews regarding quality, etc. Maybe make some that aren't embroidered that are more affordable, just to get more of your diapers out there. Definitely try hyena cart- with your diapers being one-of-a-kind like that, you could benefit from hyena cart's format.

Nice work, and good luck!!!!
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Oh those are adorable and you should ABSOLUTELY sell them! I agree with above poster about some plain ones to get started on to make sure people like the quality. I know I wouldn't be too happy if I paid 40ish for a dipe and it didn't work
. If you want to test drive a line of "introductory offers" let me know!!!!!!

To price them though, I would try searching for others that are close in style and detail and go from there.
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They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
I agree with pp, $30-$50, but lower to start off with. They are wonderful, I would love to have one in my stash!!
I agree with what everyone else said,$30-$50 depending on the embroidery. Probably a bit cheaper to start. Hyena Cart would be a great place to start, that way you don't have a lot of expense in setting up a full site and store until you have a customer base. If you need some testers to try and spread the word, let me know.
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Are they pockets? If so, keep in mind the cost of a pocket diaper license...
These are pockets but I would be selling AIO's.
Absolutely stunning!
I think the pp are right on with prices.
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Agree with pps...

LOVE your work - well done, you!
ohh, I've seen some of your dipes before in the diaper making forum- love them! Hyena cart would be a great place to start out! I have no idea as far as price- I just window shop for the pretty stuff
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I love your diapers! I love the idea of the coordinating designs on the front and back. The $30-50 price range sounds right to me. I do think you need a few testers in all sizes to make sure the diapers will work for a wide variety of babies. If you need a medium/large tester I'm here for ya
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OMG those are soooooo beautiful!!! I am VERY impressed! If you want a medium tester I'd be happy to put one of your dipes on my baby.
Gorgeous dipes! What kind of embroidery machine do you have?
I have a WAHM friend who charges $1 per 1000 stitches for embroidery above and beyond the base price for the diaper itself. That is the industry standard, I do believe, for embroidery.

Gorgeous work!
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They're wonderful!

I'm not too into cds as much anymore, but I'd pay $30-40 for some of your first ones, knowing that they'd be testers in a way until you get lots of feedback.
How long do they take you to make?
How much do you spend on the materials?
How long does it take you to list them on your website?
How much do you pay for your website and advertising and VB/Pocket licensing?

Add all that up.... and that's how much you should charge. Then add a bit for artistic talents.
Don't undervalue yourself!!!
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It will vary depending on the design. Figure out a base price for them and then add embroidery costs onto that. $1 per 1000 stitches is pretty standard, but I do vary that up based on the number of thread changes and what not. Also keep in mind when you start stocking up on designs that some designs you can't legally embroider for sale. (I think the laurel burch stuff may be licensed? as well as any disney or popular character stuff).

Gorgeous stuff, good luck!
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Yeah, I do know that I can't use a lot of my favorite designs for sale

Laurel Burch has a new set out with horses that I can sell 25 of.... but I don't have $99 to buy the set right now! I have a ton of cute non-licensed ones though. These were all sewn for swaps and for my own girls so I got to use all my favorites.
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