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How much would you sell these for? Fuzzi bunz & joey bunz hemp inserts?

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So I'm very very sad about this but I'm selling my entire cloth diapering stash!! It have 2 children has been very stressful for me, and my DH and I talked about any comittments that I could let go to give me more time with the kids (2 1/2 and 4 months) One things I just kept coming back to is how much time I spend folding, stuffing, washing, and changing 2 sets of cloth diapers. I know it isn't that huge of a deal but it really has been stressing me out and it's just time for me to throw in the towel and move on. I'd rather be spending more time with my kids and have less stress then use cloth dipaers . . . so that's my saga!!!

So I was wondering what all you ladies thought about pricing, I'd love as much input as I can get. i'm more looking for how youwould price these if you were selling them, not necessarily how much you would buy them for, kwim?

So I have small, medium, and large fuzzi bunz in gender neutral colors all with the coordiating size of joey-bunz hemp inserts. They all are in excellent condition with no stains. the smalls were used for about 2 months. The mediums maybe 4 times total, and the larges have been use for about 3 months, so they are still very new. I want to sell them together and not split up the insert and pocket. This combo retails for about $19-$20 each. ($15 for the pocket & $5 for the insert) The pockets were always hung to dry and washed with Allen's detergent.

Would you think 3/4 retail, so like $14 each would be appropriate??? I also made a lot of fuzzi bunz style pockets of my own that work really well. These have the hemp inserts as well. How much would you think for those, they are practically just like the real thing. maybe $9 each?

Thanks for all your help ladies, I'm so sad my cloth diapering journey is coming to an end, but i feel very at peace with the decision.
The best thing that came out of my use of cloth was that I didn't start my parenting career as an AP mom, quite the opposite, but i found mothering through my love of cloth and now I am very much an AP mom, so I don't regret using them in the first place one bit!

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14 sounds good.
Does that include (the 19-20) what you paid in shipping if any?
On the tp here your not suppose to sell anything you have made(i know, i learned the hard way) but if you saw a post you of someone iso what you have you can pm that person.
Hope you enjoy the extra time you will have.
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No it doesn't include shipping, since I didn't really pay any. To bad i can't sell stuff I've made. I've done it before, so I'm glad for the heads up, or I would have broken the rules!!
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i dont know if you know this or not but if you go to you can sell your hand made diapers.
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