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How necessary is it to soak CD?

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Does anyone know how necessary it is to soak cloth diapers between washings? I'm asking because the diaper pail gets very heavy with all that water and it's much easier just to leave it out. I wash diapers everyday, so they'd be sitting there soiled for about 24 hours. Is that a big deal? Thanks.
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I use a dry pail and wash every couple of problems!
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I've always used a dry pail and wash every other day or so w/ no problems! I like to add 1/2 c. of Baking Soda to the pail..then when I do my cold pre-wash I add 1/2 c. vinegar to the rinse cycle to balance the pH level of the dipes. No stink and my dipes are coming out really soft!
No soaking at all here. Dry pail and wash every 3-4 days.
I don't soak here, either, and have never had a problem. I usually wash every 2 days, but sometimes every 3.
i just rinse them off really well right after i changed him. well, usually. but then i'm home all the time.
I use a dry pail, too.
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i dry pail too - i just spray the poop off the poo diapes, and toss them in.
I use a dry pail too and if it's a pooey diaper than I rinse it off with the shower sprayer over the toilet. If it still is icky, then I have to wash it. But, I am anal that way. :LOL Wet diapers just get thrown into the pail.

I wash every other day and use baking soda in the soak and regular wash cycles. No stink issues here.
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys just made my life much easier. Jen.

Originally Posted by JSerene
Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys just made my life much easier. Jen.
You are welcome!! Now..go empty that pail! :LOL
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I'm a lazy bum. So, if poop will roll off the dipe, when it goes into the toilet - otherwise, all dirty dipes and their contents get thrown into the pail.

The only thing I've found in my washer (other than the first couple of times, when I was figuring out a wash routine) was undigested kernels from popcorns.
No more popcorn for DS for the time being.
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