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How often do you Vac?

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I'm tring to figure out how often to vaccume. We mostly have carpets and 3 levels to our home. I usually vaccume the main level 2x a week. The hallways and bedrooms maybe once a week and the family room 1 a week.

When the girls were younger I vac daily.
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Once a week.

I hate vacuuming. We don't wear shoes in the house. And all food stays in the kitchen.
I'm not regimented with vacuuming at all.......

When I see the need, I do it. We have carpet on the stairs and upstairs, except bathrooms are vinyl. I vacuum our bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallway more frequently than the office and stairs. Downstairs, we have cork flooring throughout. I let the Roomba vacuum different areas nearly every day.....whichever areas need it on any given day. If nothing looks dirty, I don't set it to go. The powder room (cat box zone), foyer, and kitchen need it the most, in that order.

FWIW: The Roomba works great on carpet and hard surfaces. I just run it far more often downstairs now that we have the cork (carpet doesn't show the dirt and fuzz like any smoother/harder surface) that it stays busy just downstairs. I particularly like using it in our bedroom because our bed is at an angle to the corner and there is a lot of floor space I cannot get with the upright I use upstairs. We have one item under our bed still from the flood back in May and the Roomba cannot go under there right now. Once that item has a permanent home, I'll be rotating in our bedroom again on the Roomba's "chore list".
It does a FAR more thorough job than I do!!!!!
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Once a week minimum, sometimes twice a week.
The carpeted areas get vacuumed once a week. The hardwood floor often less than that (because I use a different vac and I'm too lazy to bring it upstairs, lol) but I spot vac with the dust buster as needed.
when company is coming over...
We have 3 levels, the top 2 are carpet. I vacuum every other day. Despite the fact that we do not wear shoes in the house there is still always something for my 8mo DS to find, some teeny tiny little bit of something, to put in his mouth. Then there is the dog hair. Those 2 factors make it absolutely necessary for me to vacuum. If I really had time I'd do it every day, but I just can't.
We don't have carpets, and never wear outside shoes inside the house.

I use the swiffer vac in the kitchen every evening, after I've done general kitchen clean up. My dp uses the Dyson 5 times per week. However, I'm really trying to wean him as he has OCD issues when it comes to cleaning. And, ok, also we have a GSD that sheds daily.

Still, if it were up to me, I'd just use the swiffer and then Dyson once a month, lol.

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when company is coming over...
I hate vacuuming, and lately I have no energy. This seems to be when I vacuum, too.
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We have two rugs - one in DS's bedroom and one the LR. The rest of the house is hardwood floors. You would think, with that being said, that I would only vaccum maybe once a week, but no, it's every other day with two dogs that are shedding like crazy and hair just builds up in the corners and it drives me crazy!!
1x a week.

We don't wear shoes in the house and our dog is small, only 10 pds. He does not shed much at all.
We have hardwood downstairs and only one rug, so I vacuum that every day. (And sweep what feels like a hundred times a day!)

And upstairs is almost all carpet but we don't spend nearly as much time upstairs, so I vacuum it twice a week.
We have carpet in our bedrooms and office. I think once a week is more than enough. I've gone much longer. The only floor that really gets dirty is the kitchen tile.
The main living area gets done every day. The kitchen about 3 times a week as needed, and the rest of the 1st and all the 2nd floor gets done once a week. The basement gets cleaned when guests are coming. Once we book the cleaners again it will be done weekly. I just want to finish painting before they start coming again.
I try every other day. We don't wear our shoes inside, but we do eat in the living room(as there is no room in the kitchen) and have 2 cats, one that sheds like it is going out of style.
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