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How often does your 3 year old nurse?

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Just curious how DS compares to others his age, since I don't know anyone IRL nursing a 3 year old? He is nursing pretty much just morning and night, and occasionally one other time during the day if he does not feel well or I can tell he really needs to. He pretty much only asks morning and night now though.
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since ava was born it's basically constant. LOL jk...but it feels like it. he nurses for a long session first thing in the morning and last thing at night...with LOTS of little snacks in between during the day. if we're out and about, nothing...but if we're home...constant. LOL he's getting quite pudgy again since my milk came in with ava's birth!
Since I'm pregnant, my 3 year old and I came up with a nursing plan which limits her to 6 daytime nursings. She was nursing more than that a couple months ago. If she is distressed we will add an "extra nupping" as she calls it. Plus she usually nurses once during the night. (I haven't put any official limits on this, but I try to gently refuse in hopes she'll start sleeping through....)
DD nurses to sleep at night and when we wake in the morning.She'll usually do an early morning sip and then fall asleep for a couple more hours.If we're just at home all day sometimes she'll ask and then somedays she won't ask at all the entire day.I must have been talking with dh about more nursing=more supply, because tonight she said "The more milk I drink-the more you make" I guess my secret is out!!LOL
My dd turns 3 on Monday, so I guess she qualifies. She nurses at bedtime, sometimes in the middle of the night when she wakes up (sometimes she just wants to be held), and then when she wakes up in the AM she does a marathon - from about 4-8AM, on/off/on/off... Until the last few weeks, she always nursed mid-afternoon, but she's dropping that and doesn't ask much anymore (will even refuse when I offer - shock!). Today, she asked and nursed for about 2 minutes on one side, popped up and said she was done. So, I guess I would say she nurses about 2-3 times in a 24 hour period - never thought I'd be saying that. LOL This girl nursed like a newborn well past the age of 2!
My ds has been on a once a day routine for about six months, since just before he turned three... his latch is crummy but since he realized he doesn't get any milk unless he does it right, and was sad about that, he's renewed his effort to latch correctly. (yay! we weren't ready to wean) Now he asks to nurse once a day I'd say probably 5 days out of a week. It's still weird that some days go by without him asking.
My 3 yr old dd nurses any time I'm sitting still, 3-4 times a night and to go to sleep...
Before I got pg, dd was nursing about every hour during the day, and had just stopped nursing at night. As soon as I got pg I lost my supply and dd decreased down to just several times a day.
My DS (3 1/2) nurses 3 times a day - in the morning, to fall asleep for his nap and to fall a sleep at night. Sometimes he will ask midmorning or right after his nap. This is down from 8+ times just 6 months ago.
MY 4.5 year old goes through phases. Typically she nurses maybe 6 times in 24 hours but it ranges from 3 times to 12 times...just depending. Thankfully, she is small...holding a 30 pounder can be hard. Last night she nursed in the night two times, tried 4 times...but I was alble to get her back to sleep. My DS at 3 was nursing 6 times a day.

before dd was born i would say it averaged 6 times a day, since her birth it has been all the time - just like a newborn! we have all been sick the last 2 1/2 weeks and he dropped off (too stuffy, then too sick and sleepy)- but now he is definitely picking back up again, even during the night!!!
My son (4 next month) pretty much only nurses morning and night. Morning a long time (sometimes 45 minutes or so) and night he's out like a light in 5-10 minutes. Other than that it's the occasional boo boo.

However when my dd was 3, she nursed a lot more. Their personalities are very different in other regards too.
All the freakin' time. AT LEAST 10 times a day.
I'm really, really wanting to wean but I know I'd probably regret it, and it'd be almost impossible anyway.
my four year old nurses to sleep, once or twice at night, to wake up, and once or twice during the day if we are home and he's tired.

he never asks to nurse when we are out of the house, unless we go to LLL or API and he sees other kids nursing.

ETA: when he was 3 yo he would nurse as often as possible - he was still napping, and would nurse to nap, nurse to wake up from the nap, nurse later on after that, nurse to sleep at night, nurse several times through the night, and nurse to wake up.
My daughter was 3 on Feb 26. She can go or a day without nursing, but that is very rare, Most days she wants at most a night nursing, perhaps an afternoon nursing, and maybe a rare day nursing.
I do a lot of "quick nursie", which means we count to 10 if she has to nurse a bit during the day.

My son self-weaned at 3 1/2 very gradually. I would love my daughter to have such an easy weaning. Many positive vibes to all you mamas.
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This has been an interesting read. My DD will be 3 in about 2-1/2 months so I'm curious what to expect. (Yeah, right, like anything she does is predictable!

Within the past month she's been sick with the stomach flu and also took a 1700 mile round trip in the car to see my family during a period of crisis. So I expected her to nurse a lot (which she did).

Right now she's backed off a little. But it still seems like almost all the time. She nurses to sleep, nurses to wake up, she'll nurse instead of eat food if I let her, also she loves to snack on her milkies. And of course, just about anytime she gets a bad boo-boo. Kisses and hugs work for the little ones, but the bigger ones require milkies. And sometimes when she's done, she just wants to hold them.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to add that she also nurses at least 1-2 times during the night still.

The shocker was a few days ago when I offered and she said no. That never happened before! And tonight she wanted to nurse all evening while DH read books to her. It was OK but I needed to eat some dinner. I asked her to wait until I was finished and for the first time, she said "OK" happily and waited until I was done eating. I hope to continue nursing for as long as she wants to but it would be great if our nursing relationship evened out a bit.
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Let's see if I can remember.

When DS turned 3 he was nursing about 5 times a night which gradually shifted to maybe once at night by the time he turned 4. And he was nursing to go to sleep and upon waking at nighttime and naptime which he still does. And he was nursing a few other times during the day as well. He has never been a nipper; when he latches on he settles in for a while.

Originally Posted by doula mary
MY 4.5 year old goes through phases. Typically she nurses maybe 6 times in 24 hours but it ranges from 3 times to 12 times...just depending. Thankfully, she is small...holding a 30 pounder can be hard. Last night she nursed in the night two times, tried 4 times...but I was alble to get her back to sleep. My DS at 3 was nursing 6 times a day.

mY 3YR + 2 WKS WEIGHS 42!!lol
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DD is 3.5 years. She nurses 2-8 times before we get out of bed in the morning (unless I hurry us out fast enough to forget to ask, but even that is not a guarentee that she will not remember). She wants to nurse EVERY time I sit down at the computer. She probably asks at least 2 times before her nap (barring the computer requests). She nurses before her nap and if we nap together, after as well. When the evening begins to wear on her she starts asking for any little thing, stubbed toes, tired eyes, her brother took her toy.....So figure maybe 4 times minimum before bed. She nurses once before she goes to sleep (but does not nurse to sleep) and 1-3 times at night on a good night. On a bad night it can be every 30 minutes......

I can't wait for her to decrease to the morning and night and "got hurt" nursings my mom talks about (she extended b'fed all us kids
). DD nurses way more than I wish, but I know in the long run, it is a short lived period of time, so I hang in there.......

Oh, nursing DD is very uncomfortable for me, so her do limit her sessions. Sometimes, I wonder if b/c I have to limit the length, she needs the connection more often, so she gets her needed amount of "nurses." Or it could be if I didn't limit them, she'd just nurse longer and ask the same or more. She asks almost as much as her brother does, and he is just one....LOL!
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Hes one and already weaned himself down to just morning and night feedings. Oh..well i take that back when he wakes from his afternoon nap he nurses. It seems like ever since he learned how to walk he hasnt got the time for ninny! Thats hard for me to accept seeing that he was 10lbs @ birth and nursed up to 25lbs by 10mos!! By the way I am new to all this forum and thread stuff...i could really use a crash course in it if someone would like to pm me and tell me what all this dd ds means and how to get all these cool thingys i see on everyones posts....if someone would help me get up to speed that would be awesome!! By the way i make infant/babyslings and handmade nursing,maternity and childrens clothing if anyone is in need or wants to swap something!
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