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How often to should I reapply sunblock?

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We live on a tropical island and I am taking my 2 mo dd to the beach tomorrow! We're so excited! The only problem is that I don't know how often to reapply her sunscreen. The water is too cold for her, so she won't be going in the water... just hanging out with me in the shade. I'm fair skinned and prone to sunburns so she probably is too. How often should I reapply her sunscreen? The bottle just says to reapply "occasionally". That doesn't exactly help. Also, how long is "too long" to stay outside? I don't want to ruin her beautiful skin.

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Well I don't have an exact answer for you, but I used to live in Hawaii. The sun is very strong there. I never let my daycare children stay out in the sun for more than a few hours during 10-2. If they were in the pool we would reapply after an hour and then they all came in the second hour. When I went to the beach myself, I never stayed more than 3 hours. It was just too hot, sand and everything.

Sorry that wasn't much help.
I've been looking into this myself (my son always kicks off the blanket I rig up to the stroller for shade!) but the sunscreens I looked at so far say for 6 mo and up. Do you have one that is for younger babies (and what is it called?) or do you think that warning is bogus (or that it's worth the risk if DC will get burned)?
But in general I would think just do what the bottle know usually they say reapply every 2 or 3 hours or whatever....more if she'll sweat it off or swim, but since she won't I would think once would be enough (besides, how long will she last at the beach anyway? I wouldn't think long enough to reapply!)
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vanessab23 - Its just Hawaiian Tropic for Baby Faces and Tender Places SPF 50+. It says it's for over 6 months. I guess I don't see why she can't use it too? Is there a reason it's not for babies under 6 months?
They say young infants shouldn't wear sunscreen, they should just be covered in light clothing and a hat and inthe shade. But how fun is that at the beach?! I think i'll likely apply it to my son (4mos.), and just be careful to avoid his mouth and his hands which are always in his mouth.

I don't know what the risks of applying it to an infant are- guess I should look into them. But I would think the benefits of sunscreen would outway the risks?
Makeu sure your babe is covered from the sun use a spf of no more than 30 any more than 30 you are giving the babe chemicals that can be more dangerous than the sun itself. Apply while babe is unclothed, clothe after application then reapply on face arms legs or any exposed parts every half hour.
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