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How old is your babe?

How old is your babe?

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How old is the babe you wear? And what do you use?

My DD is 29 months old, 28 lbs & I can ONLY carry her in the Ergo.
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Ds is 2.5 months and we use Hotslings & the moby wrap (and the gypsymama water wrap for the pool). I have a mei tai but didn't get it until my back started hurting... so I'm waiting to play with it.

W/ dd, we used a maya wrap
My dd is 13 months and I carry her in a sling, mei tai, and kelty framed pack!
My youngest ds is 15mths and 22lbs. We bw with either a ring sling, mei tai, or ergo.

Kim Ann
Colin is 26 months, 27 lbs...always slung
I use one of our hotslings, a wahm ring sling I got here
, or our girasol wrap, all a hip or back carry.
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I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 16 month old. I wear my Maya wrap and pouch, Ellaroo wrap, a silk ring sling that I made, my Ellaroo Podaegi and my New Native pouch. I cycle through them pretty equally.

I think that weight can play more of an issue than age! Or at least for me since 5 1/2 mo ds is almost 20 lbs! We still use the sling. Also use a MT and just got a wrap made and am anxious to try it out! I think it'll be much more comfy than the sling!
DS is 8 months, mostly carry him in an Ergo, KKAFP, Mei-Tei in that order. Sometimes HugaBub too.

He weighs 19 pounds!
My son is 26 months and 27 pounds, we use a homemade sling. I'm new to this forum btw, hello everyone.
My daughter is 19 mos, 24 lbs. I've fallen off the babywearing wagon for the most part over the winter. I use a wrap mostly. I'd love to get an Ergo.
My dd is 10 mos. We use a little bit of everything. Pouch, ring sling, mei tai, wrap... Favorite is a mei tai. I also have a 2.5 dd. She loves being in a mt.
ds is 7 months..but big
He goes for long periods in the Ergo, and likes to sleep in the pouch. For his morning nap, I wear him around in the pouch for a bit until he sleeps, then he takes his nap in there. For any walking, gardening, shopping, etc., he's in the Ergo (mostly on the front, because that's easier to do without assistance
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Youngest = 5 mos, 16 lbs or so....

Mostly Kozy right now and Sachi ring sling for Church/Weddings etc
Ds is 14+ months, 21 or so lbs.. We only use my two mei tais because I lost my pouch (used to use for post office, etc.) but the mei tai works fine too, just takes a little longer to get him in.
Ian will be 1 this month, and he weighs about 23# (but he's really really long -97% percentile for length). I carry him in the MT or our PIP pouch, in the hip carry. They seem to work equally well.
3 months, 15lbs

We use a Freehand MT, a Heavenly BUndle Pouch and a wrap (used to be a MamaKangaroo stretchy wrap, but now we are moving into the woven wraps again

Oh, we are getting an Ellaroo and a Hotsling pool pouch tomorrow + I am in the list for the MamaByDesign MT + Kozy
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Mostly, it's my 9-month old (21 pounds) DD that I carry.

I use a variety of things :
- a home-made ring sling
- a maya wrap ring sling (this gets the most use lately)
- a silky ring sling (this one's got a pocket - it's neat)
- a FrankenKozy

I will sometimes sling my son as well - he's 2yrs 9mos & 32 pounds.
My DS is 21 months, probably 30 pounds or thereabouts, and TALL. I mostly use a Taylor Made ring sling, usually with him on my back because he's so long that he gets in the way on my hip. I also have a Kozy that I don't use very often although it is extremely comfortable because he usually prefers to walk now and wants to get up and down so much
the ring sling is faster. Plus, he won't sleep in the sling anymore, hasn't for several months, so he's not usually in it very long.
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Julia is 9 months old, and we're mostly using the Maya Adjustable Pouch these days, because it's cooler than the other stuff I have and it's in the 90's here. I also have a Sling-Ezee (think OTSBH-- it's exactly the same), a Mei Tai, which is unfortunately made of corduroy, and thus useless for the summer, and a Kelty backpack. I had a handmade ring sling (unpadded) but I lost 60 pounds
and it no longer fits right-- the tail hangs down below my knees-- so I gave it away.
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Dd is 3 years 2months & 27lbs. I use the mei tai, pouch and a ring sling. Which I use depends on what I'm doing. For shopping it is the pouch or ring sling, for walks it is the mei tai.
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