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how "pregnant" do you feel

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some days i feel soooo pregnant.. im hungry and achy and tired and BIG and other days im so distracted by life and my two year old and commitments and responsabilities that i donmt really feel pregnant.. the little bumps and swishes in my tummy bring me back but sometimes i feel like they are just gas and not even a real baby in there.. those days im not that hungry and im not that achy and im just doing stuff.. not really feeling very pregnant at all.. just kinda fat! am i crazy to feel like this or is it normal? i mean im almost 20 weeks.. halfway there!! i feel like i should feel very pregnant all the time, you know? i guess i get kinda scared like something is wrong, maybe its because i still havnt heard baby's heartbeat ( im not doing the doppler) or seen her or him on a tv screan ( not doing ultrasound either) and though i feel movement its not a ton and usually not when i want or am expecting to feel it :LOL

okay thats my de-stress rant.
ill go back to babysitting my two little sisters so my mom can have a nice birthday dinner out for once!
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Hey, it's all good - I do the doppler and I feel the same as you on some days. Usually days where I'm really busy and I've got a lot going on.

I think I read somewhere that this is the blessing of the second trimester - in a few months we'll NEVER forget we're pregnant (even if we wanted to pretend for a few minutes).

We went on a trip to France about a month ago. I kept forgetting I was pregnant all day and would have quite the shock when I looked in the mirror! Hey, why am I so big?
A couple weeks ago I was feeling fat and miserable. But this week I have felt more pregnant. Like yesterday, I was having a terrible day, stressing about DS (who promised he would talk on Saturday and didn't
) and was just really at the end of my rope. And all day, I felt the bumps and flutters like the little one was saying "hey don't forget about me in here." It really did help. Glad he/she has decided to get a little active this week!

And when I lay down, there is just this fat, floppy mess of a belly. BUt when I stand up, its kinda hard and looks more pregnant. At least when I look from my vantage point.
(I might still just look fat from head on.)

I found my preg journal from DS (how terrible am I for not keeping one now???) and I was just getting over morning sickness at this time with him. Ugh. So I am definitely enjoying that second trimester "feel good" break.
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I am starting to feel more consistenty pregnant -- previously it depened more on how busy I was, like PPs. I have had some minor but annoying physical discomforts that I know are or were worse because of the pregnancy so this reminds me that I am pregnant. Also, what I can/want to eat is still weird, though I am no loner queesy -- this reminds me. And I have been feeling the babe move for about a week -- yay, so this is probably the main reason I feel it more now. My belly seems to be bigger each day (what a suprise . . .)
I definitely felt pg yesterday in line at the store when the woman ahead of me said she was due the day before me. If she hadn't told me, I only would have suspected she *might* be pg...I thought she was wearing maternity, but she wasn't showing much and I would have ventured that she was due sometime next year. Comparitively I'm huge! And this is her second baby too.

This morning though, I felt like my belly was smaller and felt "less" pg. Some days are just like that. I had lots of movement around 12 weeks...felt baby all the time, especially after eating. I don't know if I've gotten busy or what, but it seems like I'm feeling less movement the past couple of weeks. Baby is definitely still there and I'm sure still doing fine, I just don't seem to be as aware of him.

I think when you are so many other mama and wife and housekeeper and whatever else title you can hang on yourself, there is less time to think about being pg b/c you've got so many other things to be. First time around I was at home from teaching for the summer by this time and had nothing to do other than "baby" stuff. This time I'm much busier.

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MamaFern, I feel exactly as you do. I guess maybe I'm just so much busier with this pg that I don't notice all the "pregnant" stuff going on that I did during my first pg. (or maybe I'm not really looking for those things because I'm so distracted). I feel tired, bloated, distracted, preoccupied, and very sexy, even with "my floppy fat mess of a belly'. It's nice I guess when strangers ask when I'm due because it makes me feel that I at least look pregnant.
Yes yes yes. Me too. In the AM, after I'm all nice and rested and showered, I hardly feel pregnant at all. Then when I'm all out of breath coming up the subway stairs, I feel waaaay pregnant. Otherwise, it seems to depend on the time of day - I tend to feel more belly stretch later in the day, so I feel more pregnant then. Or when I am tired or can't bend over the way I want to.
yeah, i know what you mean

yesterday i was feeling pretty pregnant
baby decided to be very active, which was sooo nice! we were out all day walking around in the sunshine and i was seeing people i havnt seen in a while and they were all like "woah! theres a baby in there!!" plus there was tons of music ( it was a community festival where they blocked off the street to cars for 15 blocks or something and there was music and all sorts of festivities) and the baby loved it! i remember elwynn loved music, especially with good bass beats when he was in my belly.. i felt hungry all day long, so i was munching, and when i got home i was exhausted and i felt HUGE! i guess some days are just like that
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If you are crazy then I'm certifiable. I definitely don't feel pregnant when I'm really absorbed in something, but I have days when in the middle of nausea, crankiness, and immense pressure on my bladder and belly, I don't feel pregnant.

I've heard from lots of people that the first time you have more time to think about being pregnant, and with subsequent pregnancies you are usually too busy with the kid to feel pregnant, but for me I think it's the reverse. We took forever it seemed to get pregnant, and I had two losses, and somehow I just can't believe it's finally happened, and there really is a little being in there. This despite two ultrasounds, and a doppler.

I'm still poking my belly and turning to DH and saying "Hey there's a baby in here"

Originally Posted by gonnabeamom
I'm still poking my belly and turning to DH and saying "Hey there's a baby in here"
i do that too! :LOL
I've been so busy lately, I'm wondering how the heck I got to 18 weeks! I don't feel very pregnant except that I am ALWAYS either tired, hungry or both.
I'd say I feel moderately pregnant.

I still am not feeling movement, so I think when that happens it'll be much more obvious to me as I go through my day. It depends on what I'm wearing, too- mostly I'm just wearing loose t shirts so it isn't really very evident, to myself in the mirror or to anyone else.

Also like pp's have said, I am in constant motion, and constantly thinking so I think I am just not as focused on it as I was last time. I have this 'awareness' of the baby, but until I feel it move it's kind of abstract.

Things like hiking or taking a day trip, which we've done a lot of lately, feel great at the time, but when we're done, I am dead, I mean falling down dead tired and sleep for the rest of the day, and it takes a few days to feel human again. That's my main symptom.

And also, by the end of the day I feel huge even though I don't look it, and in the mornings I feel smaller and less noticeable! Plus my boobs are still absolutely killing me!!!! anyone else?

Originally Posted by itsybitsy25
Plus my boobs are still absolutely killing me!!!! anyone else?
It's not my boobs, but my nipples. And dd bumps into them 20 times a day. I don't remember this much nipple soreness the first time around.

I took Kenna to water babies class today...we were only in the water about 20 minutes, but I feel like I swam laps the entire time! I didn't realize how tired playing in the pool with a toddler could make a pregnant person feel.

Same thing here. Some days I feel totally pregnant, other days I barely notice. It is getting harder to change DD's diaper and chase after her. I can't imagine what it will be like in the 3rd trimester. Back pain is starting to kick in. Time to start getting massages and going to the chiropractor I guess. Not a lot of movement from this baby yet. I'm in week 18. The time seems to be flying by.
I often forget that I'm pg, and I think it's because I'm so busy taking care of my 19 month old DD. With her pg, I was so wrapped up in every little thing about the experience. Now, sometimes the better part of a day will go by before I remember that I am, indeed, pg!

I'm starting to feel "more pg" now, though, because I'm getting quite big (and have ginormous boobies), and I'm wearing the preggo clothes every day. I no longer look like I've just eaten too many tacos.
I feel pregnant everyday now! 20w5d!! I feel big movements that sometimes make me gasp. DH *could* feel it, but baby seems to clam up whenever he is around. :LOL My oldest DD felt the baby yesterday.

I still feel *cute* and pregnant right now though. My energy and libido are great!!
And my spirits are soaring!!

My breasts have gotten noticeably heavier and larger
, my weight gain and blood pressure have been excellent and since DH doesn't want to know the sex of the baby, we have come up with names to chose either or.

I had my "big" u/s last week and now there is really nothing to look forward to but the birth itself!! I'll get the crib and stuff set up in our bedroom sometime but I won't be doing much shopping since I don't know what to buy and there is only so much "white" and "sage" one child should have to wear!
I'm just planning on getting some onesies, socks and gowns for the first couple weeks. I have my Boppy and my Brest Friend. I have my PIS, my boobs, and my bed. A couple packages of diapers and I should be all set right?!?!
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I've never had a pregnancy progress this far (been pg 2x before, first a failed surrogacy for my sister and last time a miscarriage), so I don't know exactly "how pregnant" I feel--but I do feel different than when I'm not pg.

My belly is quite protuberant--apparently a bit bigger than some people expect to see at 19 weeks. A few have guessed my due date to be earlier than it actually is. Also, my friend who's due 8 weeks before I am looks only very slightly bigger than I do. I'm very happy that all the weight seems to have gone to the belly, with little or none of it spreading to the butt.

I wish I could feel some movement from him/her, but nothing as of yet. Our most recent appointment was last Friday, and it took a loooong time for the midwife to find the heartbeat. Apparently, my placenta's all in the front, which makes it hard to hear the hb, and may also cause a buffer effect that's making movement less obvious. I'm sure I'd feel even more pregnant if I felt the little one moving around.

As for other symptoms that remind me I'm pg...

There are still bouts of extreme tiredness, mostly in the evenings when I get home from work; a frequent, weird ache in just one small spot in my mid back (think I'll be visiting the chiropractor soon); I can't eat large meals anymore; and one of our cats reminds me I'm pregnant when he insists on napping on my belly.
It's pretty weird, actually, as he was never a "lap cat" until I got pg., and now he only wants to sleep on me, never DH! I hope this bodes well for his future relationship with baby.

Anyway, sorry for the long post! I never forget I'm pregnant, but as pps have said, maybe that's because I'm not distracted with running around after a little one. I'm just so happy that things are going well, and that this 34-year-old body hasn't been hit hard by morning sickness or any other unpleasant symptoms (so far!).
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Luckily the baby moves alot mostly late afternoon or at night or I would just be feeling fat
I dont have that many maternity shirts so if I wear a larger size shirt I just seem to be looking heavier not pregnant.

My boobs feel like 100 tiny needles are poking thru them when anyone touches them. DD weaned about a few weeks ago now & the last time she nursed I had to ask her to stop because the pain was SO unbearable
It also seems that the dog or our cats when Im laying down ALWAYS nail my nipples when they are walking/jumping around me. I really hope this goes away after birth...Im so scared because they hurt so bad & I want to nurse immediately when the baby is born
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I know what you mean about your nipples, grateful. They stick out like sore thumbs...Kenna will lay down beside me and somehow pin a nipple to the mattress! Oww!

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