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I have no idea if this should go in Fertility, Health and Healing or somewhere else. Sorry!

I've been on the pill (Ortho TriCyclen Lo) for a couple years now. No problems at all
I always take it just like it should be (with the 4th week off for AF). We also are super paranoid and cannot afford to have another baby right now so we use condoms every time. Needless to say, the chance of me being pregnant would be astronomically small.

This Sunday should start my 4th week (AF week). AF would usually start either Tuesday night or Wednesday. The problem this month is that Wednesday I'll be driving from Kentucky to Michigan alone with my ds. I do NOT want to have to stop every couple hours with him to change a tampon/pad. Thursday I'll have another longer trip with my ds and my dad to go to the airport to pick up my fiance. Then Friday we have another few hours in the car to get to my sisters area. Saturday is her wedding (in which I am Maid of Honor). Saturday night we'll drive a couple hours back to my dad's house and then Sunday we'll drive the 6-7 hours back to Kentucky. Add onto that- fiance will have been gone for 2 weeks... I'm feeling a little lonely without him

So I've heard I can just start a new pack on Sunday and skip my off week and AF won't come. Is this true? How safe is it? I've never done it before
I mentioned it to dp and he wasn't too thrilled with it. He rather likes to know for sure that I'm not pregnant every month. He throws a little party every time AF shows. LOL!

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I don't know about the true safety of it, but I know people do this all the time. I did it when I learned that I was due to have AF during my wedding/honeymoon. Really, when you are on the pill, AF is just withdrawal bleeding, not a true period. And those new pills they are marketing where you only have 3 periods/year are the same thing.
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