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Hi. I am a novice gardener, and I was wondering if any of you experts may be able to help me. I have a shady spot in my yard (actually, we have about 50 trees and no grass in the yard, so it is all shady). I would like to plant a flower garden (thinking of buying this: The spot that I have in mind is totally shady about half the day, and partially shady for the rest (when the sun does get through the branches in some parts of it). Is that considered a shade garden? Or would it be a sun garden because there is sun getting to the ground at some point in the day? If it helps, I live in Alabama, and it gets really hot sometimes.

Also, does this package look ok? It seems like a good deal to me, based on comparing prices at Home Depot. Is there another source for these kinds of plants that any of you would recommend?

thanks a lot!!
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