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how soon is too soon?

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My SIL just found out today that she is pregnant again. I'm happy for her and my brother but ds1 is only 8mths old and i was wondering how much healing time does a mom need before she has another babe? I'm a little worried that her body might not be able to handle carrying and birthing a baby so soon. She had so many problems while she was preg with ds1. she was actually preg with twins and lost one of them early on. She only gained up to 110# when she was pregnant with the first one and stayed sick for the whole 9 months. Anyways what i'm asking is if it's safe for her to be 5wks preg when ds1 is only 8mths old? Has her body had time to heal yet?
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Well, it takes approximately 2 years for a woman's body to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth. I think that's why our bodies, on average, a re designed to naturally space children about this far with breastfeeding. Anyway, that said, every woman is not the same and there are many variables. If her body was not ready, chances are she would not have gotten pregnant in the first place or wouldn't have made it this far. I've known many women who get pregnant 2 months after a baby and do okay.
It may be rough on her, but it may not be. It all depends on the mama.

I have a sis who had 5 kids, including one set of twins, in less than four years. Her 5th child was born 11 1/2 months after her twins. Her only problem throughout all these pregnancies was going on bedrest with the twins at around 33 weeks to prevent pre-term labor, but she was chasing after two toddlers (2 & 3yo) at the time.

I also have a SIL who had 6 kids in just under six years. She had her first when she was only 15, so her pregnancies were much harder on her and the babies. Her 4th was born still at 22 weeks due to placenta previa, and with another (I think it was her 3rd) she was hospitalized several times for various issues, including a kidney infection.

I personally would probably avoid having two so close together (I can't even imagine being pregnant while chasing after my 8mo!) but she will probably be fine.
The lady next door had her daughters 10 months apart.

I'm PG right now and my son is 10 months old, I honestly think that it will be easier (on me) being pregnant so much sooner than waiting as long as I did the first time (6 years)
My mother also got pregnant when my little brother was 9 months old and she said it was fine.
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it just worries me some i guess cause she's so small (5'5" 92#) i think she gained up to about 110# when she was pg with ds1. She was doin' a lot of meth but i think she may just be naturally small. Gosh i hope she stops that crap. At least while she's pregnant. She's a really pretty girl and i've told her before, just look around at the people around u that use the stuff. They all used to be nice looking people but now they've srunk, look old, and all of there teeth are rotting out of there head. I wish that baby didn't have to be around all of that crap. I guess that's another reason why i worry
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If she's doing meth, that's a completely different story. I hate to sound judgemental, but having grown up around a lot of people on the stuff, I don't think tweekers should have kids at all. Meth eats away at all that is good and I've never known a child of a tweeker that wasn't neglected.

I think the drugs are far worse than the time between children. People can't change until they're ready but, please, if she'll listen, try to get your friend some help.

Good luck.
i've told her if she was gonna keep doing that crap then she didn't deserve to have babies at all. i told her if she keeps doing it then she's selfish and aparently doesn't give a crap about nothing but her self. I know people get addicted to it very easy and it's hard to come off of but for the sake of my baby i'd come off of it and stay off as soon as i found out i was pregnant. So many people are on that stuff around here and they all look like walking zombies. it's just really sad
I hope ds1 stays healthy and this one turns out ok too.
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I hope ds1 stays healthy and this one turns out ok too.
Healthy?? There is no possible way this child could be healthy!

Isn't there a way to report someone like this?
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I think the meth is a much huger issue than the spacing or her weight. It sounds like her and this child will have plenty of problems even if she had waited 5 years between kids. I would love to have kids 18 mos apart if my fertility cooperates. I've known many people with that spacing and there didn't seem to be any additional problems with the 2nd pregnancy (other than changing poopy diapers being no fun with morning sickness).
My DC are 14 mos apart and I had two healthy natural births. If this helps. My Mother had my brother and sis 18 mos (closer to what you're talking about) and they were both natural healthy births with successful BFing relationships.
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