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How structured is your day?

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I'm wondering how structured others make their days w/ the kids? My kids are 3.5y and 16m, and I have little structure happening, in terms of planned activities and stuff. I feel like I need to be doing more, but it's hard w/ Lily too. I feel like I should know what to do and be doing a better job b/c this is what I was *educated* for, but I don't think I'm doing very well as a mom lately. I need some help, ideas, but can't really find stuff I like. I have a good book of easy activities, but I don't have a chance to do the prep necessary. Like I find stuff I want to do, but don't have all the materials to do it. Anyway, just wondering how others do things. I'm not a very structured, disciplined person. I want to homeschool, but I don't know if I have what it takes. Guess I should post in homeschooling instead... I feel like I should be homeschooling already or something. Ahhh!!!! Too much pressure!!!
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First, give yourself a break!

I'm not a naturally structured, disciplined person and this is why I chose not to homeschool, even though I think it is the ideal choice. It would be less than ideal, with me at the helm!

There are good and bad things about both styles. It's good to be flexible with your schedual. But ultimately everybody, mom and child alike, benefits from a structured day. Jmo. Too little routine did not help my ppd one bit.

Are you getting out to the park and library? Do get to see other moms on a regular basis? Maybe you could redefine "structured day" to not include activities that require a lot of prep. I assume (risky, that!) that your education is in ECE? You are a mom, not a teacher. Moms provide fun and interesting things for their children sometimes, but they also go about their non child oriented business with children in tow.

Are you saying you don't have much routine in your day, as well?

I put dd in preschool a couple of months after ds was born. I was letting her watch more and more tv.
The structure provided by the preschool schedule helped a great deal, even though it was only three days a week. I highly recommend a parent participation type preschool, if there's a good one near you. Me being the youngest in my family, I knew little about children. I learned a lot on my work days. And I really had a good time.

Regardless, I'm the first to admit I don't consistantly practice what I teach. But I do think a little structure goes a long way toward preserving mommy's sanity.
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I would thinnk it impossible to have a structured day with two under three.

My sis had littles that were close together, and she told me that she planned her days around her mealtimes-including snack times. She also took the dc outside for about 30-60-mins a day-no matter what the weather. So, givin that, perhaps you could just start by breaking your day up with meals/snacks, then allow outside time everyday(in cold weather-afternoon,inhot-morning). Add in storytimes at home and possibly library-depending on the spirit of your dc.
Pick two-three times a week to do something different-like go to the park,park-hopping, local museum,planned playdates. ITA that you need to get out and meet other like-minded moms. Add in bath times, and you've got a week! For *EVERYTHING* you do-allow *plenty* of time for it to happen. And really, dc at this young of age may need routine-but certainly not structure. Allow for flexibility-you *never* can predict what your day is like with littles!!

I do homeschool- and I am not a schedule person. THat is one of the many reasons I wouldn't put dd in school-she'd always be late, or I would be the teachers nightmare of the semester! :LOL

Allow yourself to maybe let go of some of the expectations you had BC(before children) I was Montessori Aide all through college and beyond, and just today, I realized that I had really changed-1o years ago I would never have let my future dc read books with animals as the main characters. And I just checked out the whole Frog & Toad series for ds(dd will read these to him).

You are good to gewt a shower at this time in life-imho!!!

Breastfeeding,hangin' with Mom, lots of sleep, and lots of play are the most important and cherishable moments of your days right now.


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Off topic, just curious why Montessori wouldn't allow animals as main characters?
I agree with mp. Just play with your kids--you don't need a schedule or to have anything planned out. If it's a nice day, go to the playground, if they want to play pretend, play pretend. Make a batch of dough and let them play with it, make mudpies in the yard, read and snuggle...just follow their lead and enjoy them.

If you really want to have a schedule, it will be plenty easier to do when they're older. But it IS possible to homeschool and NOT be structured. Come hang out on the homeschooling board--there are structured hsers there, but also a number of people who go with the flow.
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