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how sweet a 3 year old can be..

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my dd is just great, I love her so much. I was putting her to bed tonight, and she put her hands around my face and said "mommy, thank you for playing with me today. I love it when you play with me, I love you mommy"
I swear I had tears in my eyes! I just had to share...
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That's just precious!!!!
Yes, they can be really sweet at this age. My ds told me he wants to marry me, and dh, and baby Mya, and his friend Grant and Grant's parents.

That is so sweet!
I love moments like that.
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*sigh* I just LOVE that. Thanks so much for sharing. Honestly, 3 had been really big for us, "colorful" at times. But then there are those moments... precious.
OHHHHHHHH>>>>> Thats sooooo sweet and wonderful.... Thanks
all fuzzy now inside~Laura
That's sweet! I often say "3 is the perfect age". Not that every age doesn't have it's wonderful traits, but I just
3. They are so sweet, aware, smart and learning all the time, but still such babies!
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I know, they are so cute at this age! I love my dd, she is so sweet, so affectionate, I am so proud of her for having such emotion and for being herself, most of all.
The new thing now is my dd saying "mommy, are you my best friend?"
awww, my little baby, ok I'm gonna go kiss her right now....
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That's just so sweet! Dd2 is 3 and has always had a way of doing things at just the right moment which melt my heart. The other day she asked for a drink and when I gave it to her, she reached up for a hug, kissed me on the cheek and said "Thank you mommy! I love you, you're the greatest" She can be a holy terror, but then turn around and say something like that - she's so much fun right now!
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