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How tall are/were your 1 year olds.

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This is my first post in the toddler forum.

Anyway, I was just wondering how tall your 1 year olds are/were? Someone mentioned the other day that DD was "tiny". We don't do WBV, and I've never been obsessed with the charts, but I also don't any other 1 year olds to compare her to. Not that I care really, but I'm just curious to know whether she is indeed petite for her age, average, or taller.
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Our DD just had her one-year last week and while I can't remember what exactly her height was, she's in the 25th percentile for both height and weight. I'm not worried about it because a) she's proportionate, and is beautifully plump in relation to her height, and b) I was almost exactly the same size, according to my baby book and I can just about guarantee you that I am in the 95th percentile in height for 32 yo women.
I know she'll grow and will do it quickly--it just might not be very rapid during her infant/toddler years.

Were or your partner small as babies?
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16 pounds 4 ounces and 27 1/2 inches tall. Thats what she was on Feb 20th.
DS was 30.25 inches when I measured him myself at 1 year. I only remember because I read somewhere they should grow 10 inches the first year, he was 20.25 at birth... he grew exactly 10 inches! LOL
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DD was only 25 1/2 inches tall at one year. She's a little shortie. I'm 5'1", so the dr. didn't seem to think this was abnormal.
Ds was 32 inches. He is now 36 inches. 22 at birth.
DD is 26 lbs. and 2'-6 1/2" I know because our social worker just came on Sunday and we had to measure her. I expect she will be on the shorter side. Right now she is in 12 months pants and 18 month- 2T shirts.
About 27 inches. We don't do WBV's either, but we do do regular marks on the door frame for all the kids.
DS was 21", 7lbs 2oz at birth; at one year he was about 31", 24 lbs; now, at 17 months, he's 34" and 26 lbs. These are approximate - we don't do WBVs, so we use marks on the wall and our scale to measure.
At 1 year my dd was 30". Now at 21 months she's 34". She's always been above the 75th percentile for height. Weightwise she's always been around the 25th percentile. Tall and slender (genes definitely coming into play there).
My DD is 29 inches and 19.5 pounds. This put her in the 25-50% for both weight and height.
My dd was 30 in tall and 20 lbs. We were told she was in the 75th percentile for height and the 25th for weight -- tall and thin.
At 1 year my dd was about 21 lbs and 30 inches. At one year my ds was 24 lbs and 31.5 inches. At 5 years old my dd is way over the top of their charts and has been since about 18 months. My ds is on the higher end of the charts too, but it makes sense with our family.
31" and 18.5 lbs at one year -- she was just finishing a bout of stomach flu, though, so the weight was a little lower than it should be. She was born at 20", 6 lbs 15oz.

She normally wears a 2T, although we're having trouble getting some of the shirts over her big head.
DD is 29 inches and 16 lbs 4 ounces
She is 40% in height and off the charts in weight. Down from 80%/40%. She actually lost weight
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Oh, at his first birthday, DS was 19.5 pounds and 31 inches.
AJ-24#10oz and 30.5"
Evan-18#5oz and 27.75"
No well baby visits here either. I measured her at 31" at one year, 22 pounds. She was 8 pounds, 20" at birth.
At DD2's 12 month wbv (2 months ago) she was 30.5 inches. She was 19 inches at birth.

I cant remember what DD1 was at her 12 month wbv anymore.
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