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Don't have experience with Montessori-bed, though I do have some useful tips for toddler bedding, since I was in charge of choosing one for my nephew.

First - children need a sleeping surface that is more supportive due to their epiphyseal plate and postural formation.
Twin XL is a good size for a single. It can be used for a kid at any age and for adult guests. Also, the bedding can go to college where dorms commonly use Twin XL.
And, from my experience, the typical 100% Latex/foam mattress will be soft around the edge. A soft edge can interfere with a parent snuggling their child in bed, reading a book, sharing their day. And it's not the best seating surface, which a kid might prefer for himself and friends. A traditional (and less expensive) innerspring mattress (we have Signature sleep coil for instance) could be a better fit.

Also - with any mattress, you are considering, but especially for children, I would also make sure that all the foams listed in the mattress have safety certifications.
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