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How to clean used dipes?

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I don't have bleach in the house, but I am thinking that I should prob buy some... is it safe on all kinds of diapers? I think there are some good mama, some BG, and other randoms. What would be the best routine to clean and sanitize them? I have Nellie's soap and Hard Rock if either of those are useful.
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Whenever I get used dipes I bleach them once... I don't think it has ever hurt any of them...
I am making my diapers out of old receiving blankets (so essentially it's like using used diapers) and I'll probably strip them before I use them.
Google how to strip diapers - there are lots of tutorials out there. Basically, you use a VERY SMALL amount of dish detergent and rinse the heck out of them.

I'm personally staying clear of bleach mostly because I heard it's bad for the diapers.
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