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my sister in law weaned her firstborn at 3 months. she was a really uptight nurser "he's not getting enough!", that sort of thing. well, within a month of weaning the kid was nearly double his weight- i swear to you he could suck down a bottle in 4 seconds, tops.
now she's pregnant again and i really want to encourage her to try nursing longer. her entire family does the formula thing, while our side were all b.f., so part of my is amazed she nursed at all (i think our influence helped that). but whenever we talk on the phone(we live 2500 miles apart) she asks if georgia, my 16 month old, is "still nursing".
any advice? she's really conservative,and we're not that close, so i need to pull this off the right way. we'll be home for the month before #2 is born. thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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