We have some tips on how to make camping a fun family activity!

Camping is one of those family activities that can break you or make you! We have some tips on how to let camping be that activity your kids beg you to repeatedly do!

I admit it. I am not a camper. At all. I'm not even a glamper, though I prefer that to roughing it any day of the week and twice on Sunday! I may or may not have misled my very-camping-loving husband that it was an activity I didn't mind doing while we were dating (and honestly, does anyone mind camping when dating?), but through the years, I've pretty much figured out it's not my gig.

Except, my six-year-old son now loves it too. So whether it's my gig or not, I'm choosing to embrace it because it's a great way to have quality family time and make memories - in our case, with little-to-no-screen time to boot. Winning!

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So what can you do so that camping is an activity your child fondly remembers as an adult, or keeps one of you in the doghouse for the rest of his life?

Most importantly, embrace it! More and more, technology and advances steal our simple joys with constant anxiety and discontent in the name of living in the age of information. Camping is a great way to reconnect, in the fresh air and with little to do but just enjoy the nature and scenery around you, and there's so much to be said about earthing and connecting with nature. Camping is actually a great way to keep your family's health up!

Plan for inconveniences. Camping is not staying at the Ritz, even if you are glamping, and stuff happens. Weather changes and things may get forgotten, but if you maintain the attitude of expecting it's not going to be like traveling and staying in hotels, you'll be able to make the most of three days straight of record-breaking rain in your non-weatherproof tent! Seriously, though - when camping with the family, the purpose is to be together in nature. Don't let the small stuff steal the fun in that.

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Best of all, make it fun! Some of the best times my siblings and I remember are playing 'spoons' with my grandparents when we camped with them as young children. Create those memories by bringing card games and dominoes, smores fixings and ghost-story-telling essentials (a flashlight for under the chin, of course!). Your children (and you) will laugh as you remember campfire stories and never-ending games of dominoes when you went on family camping trips, and you can bet, they'll want to share that experience with their littles too!