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How to feel baby's position

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I'm wondering how (if possible) to feel if my baby's turned head down yet. I'm away visiting family out of state for a month. I'm 33 weeks right now, and will be 36 when I get home to see my midwife around the 4th of July. My sil told me I'd feel kicks higher up in my abdomen, but I still just feel alot of movement around belly button level, never higher. I don't know if I can feel my belly and try to discern where he is.

I had a dream last night that I was close to edd and he hadn't turned (I also had a dream that the edd came and went and I never went into labor-bound to be pg forver)

I feel nervous abut this now, hopefully someone can give me advice on how to check for myself.

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I'm no birth professional, but I figured out that my baby was breech sometime around 32 weeks. I guessed this b/c of where the baby's kicks were (always low), it felt very different than my first pregnancy. If I press on my belly I can pick out the baby's head, it's the biggest, hardest thing in there.

At my 33 week appt. I had my MW confirm that the baby was breech. Sadly, baby hasn't turned despite my best efforts...
My MW presses really hard not far above my pelvis. I haven't duplicated that to see what it feels like.

Someone recommended to me that I could put my fingers inside my yoni and feel the head, and when I did that I could just barely graze something with a size and shape that it couldn't be anything else.
thanks, I'll try to feel both ways. I asked my MW early in pregnancy what she does if baby is breech and she says the OB she referrs people to/uses as a backup, will turn the hopefully I have nothing to worry about. I am, of course, a bit worried bacause I won't be back till 36 weeks, yikes.
I just saw my MW on thurs and she said my little guy is head down. Like the pp said she just felt really deep into the area above my pubic bone and could wrap her fingers around his head. It didn't hurt.

Previously he was more at a diagonal. I haven't felt much shift in his kicks. What I realize I am feeling a lot around my navel is his knee (bent). When he gets the hiccups sometimes they are low and sometimes I feel them more to the side.

I haven't felt any kicks high up yet...

I worry about the cord being around his neck. There is always something, isn't there!!
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