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How to fill / empty birth tub?

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OK, so I'm not pregnant yet, but I will be and have a homebirth hopefully within the next year or two. We're doing work on our house and I have OCD, so I'm planning for all eventualities, including having to fill and empty a birth tub. So here are my questions:

Is there a way to fill a birth tub directly from a hot water heater?

What is the easiest way to empty a birth tub w/out a sink? (I was thinking about using a hose thingy made to fill/drain aquariums to fill/empty a tub, but then thought about putting the tub in the room we're working on in the basement) I'm assuming a siphon, but didn't know if there were any other ideas.

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we filled our tub with the washing machine hook ups. the water stayed warm through out the birth. i can't remember how it was drained. i was resting with the new baby while dh and the midwife took care of the mess.
hey amanda,

i found you out! lol.

we used a water bed hose attachment. still have it, and it's yours if you want it!

lemme know!
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Shhhhhh! Don't tell's a secret! (OK, so I'm posting about it all over the place but still! :LOL !)

Yep...if all goes well we're thinking (and I stress thinking!) of ttc starting on my 30th birthday (happy birthday to me!!!) in Dec.

I'd LOVE the hose ... thanks!!!

(I can't wait to meet Silas! ... I hope all is well with you and yours!)
I'm sure there is some way to hook directly into your hot water heater but we just attached a garden hose to the sink, using an adaptor purchased at a hardware store. To drain it we used a submersible pump (also available at a hardware store) which was connected to a garden hose. We ran the hose into the toilet, shut the lid (to keep the hose in place) and let it run. The toilet regulates how much water is in it so you don't have to worry about flushing or anything (it won't overflow).
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