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Originally Posted by BusyMommy
I'm surprised there aren't big posters up all over at the gym. I can only assume that everyone else already knows how.

So, I just started running 3 miles every other day on the treadmill. And, I have no idea where my heart rate is supposed to be.

Anyone know the formula or rule of thumb?


the max heart rate is 220 - your age. in my case, that would be 220 - 34 = 186

the target heart rate is anywhere from 50% - 80% of that number

in my case the range would be 93 - 148.

If you are absolutely not in cardiovascular shape, use the 50% as your target heart rate for the first few weeks and gradually increase. I am clinically obese but I am in good cardiovascular health so I always use the max target heart rate of 80%
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