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How to format book? Looking for resources

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HI everyone:

I have two books that I would like to finish, both are "how to" kind of books for midwives and doulas. I have alot of the raw information, but really don't have a clue as to how to format the books.

I have been searching the net and the bookstore and feel totally overwhelmed with all the info out there.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for doing this? I have an idea what I want to do, I have 2 similar books and like their formatting, but I don't want to just copy from them either.

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While you're waiting for a BTDT mama to answer, publishers often have manuscript guidelines, that might be a good jumping off point.
Are you going to go to a publisher with this? Agent? Self-publish?

As in formatting, do you mean how to lay everything out? I'm a fan of just chapters by subject...makes it easier to read, in my opinion. Guess I just want to know what exactly you are looking for since the technical jargon part of my brain has not woken up yet.
Well,one of the books is about the business aspect of midwifery. So there are lists, charts,forms, and stories of different ways people have done different business things. So although I would break into chapters, I'm confused on the part about adding all the extras in.

I am not sure about publishing, I know that there are a few publishing companies that work with midwives, and I also know a few midwives and similar who have self published. If I don't find a publisher, I would be fine with self publishing, and I would sell the book through conferences, websites, advertise in midwifery today, etc.
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