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I guess we're having nap issues again, but now that my DS is 11 months old, it's a little different. He's exhausted, gets cranky, falls down more when creeping or walking but when we lay down to nurse he'll nurse for a few minutes and then roll over and scoot himself off the bed to creep some more! It's so frustrating! He's obviously tired but just won't let himself go to sleep.<br><br>
I'm wondering if we need to get back into a routine with music and rocking but I know that will be a nightmare b/c he'll just wiggle off my lap and start creeping again.<br><br>
What have others tried that's worked?<br><br>
By the way, we co-sleep, he naps in the bed, and the mattress is on the floor (no box spring). We do have bedrails but I think he'll just crawl to the end of them and then scoot off the bed.<br><br>
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