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Ever since dd was born, we've co-slept. We found that as she started sleeping longer chunks of time, going to bed with her at night was helpful for us getting much-needed sleep.

Well, now that she's 18mo+, we are feeling the strain of having dd up until we are and not having any "us" time alone. She's falling asleep sometime in the 9 o'clock hour and often reaches for one or both of us during the night.

I've read the other threads about sidecar-ing and will try that method asap to restore some couple cuddle time, but is there a way to gently transition her into an earlier bedtime without unravelling all the lovely co-sleeping and nighttime nursing time we have? Although she only wakes up once at night to nurse (if at all), she's very touch-dependent on both her mamas throughout the night. Would a sidecar/monitor situation be a solution so I can get to her if she's restless?

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