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How to get dd to stop yelling

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I babysit a little boy who is sensitive to loud sounds.
When dd gets upset with him she screams in this high pitched voice. It really upsets him so he comes to me to comfort him but she gets hysterical screaming "No! My mommy!" If I don't pick her up it gets worse and louder which makes him more upset. But I don't want to leave him to cry alone and neither wants me to pick them both up.

Mostly I need to get dd to stop screaming for what she considers the smallest "infraction" on his part.

She does this at other times too when she is upset. She will yell at the thing that is bothering her "let go!" or just "aaagh!"

What do I do to curb this behavior?
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You don't say how old the little boy is, but is it possible for him to learn to reflect dd's emotions? I'm thinking of the method I read last night in The Happiest Toddler on the Block book (thanks to the other post for recommending it - pretty good book). Depending on the age of the child, they could learn to talk to the other child in terms of telling them, "you're upset! No No NO, etc. " and showing some empathy. This might help dd feel listened to and decrease the screaming? Just an idea.
Oh, the boy, he is 17 months and doesn't talk but in single words.
Dd talks really well and could use words if she wanted to.

In fact the last few days. She will cry or yell because she has a toy he wants then after a few seconds she will stop and say, "Amawa go find another toy" which is what I tell her all the time "L is playing with that ball, can you find another ball to play with?"
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