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So here i was sleeping in today (i have to work tonight untill about 5am so i get to sleep in on the days i work) and all of a sudden DH come in and says "baby, i need your help!" So i freak out and start getting out of bed and scream "is Maddie ok, whats wrong?" And i look and DH is holding our dd, and her arms are completely white.....once i wake up and focus i realize that she is COVERED in diaper cream! Like seriously covered in it! Both of her arms are covered in it, all the way up to her shoulders, her hair, and her feet and ankles.....oh and the couch! Luckily we have a couch cover, but i really dont want to go out and buy a new one if i dont have to.

So we bathed dd, but she is still extremely greasy. And her hair is still stuck together even thought we have washed it 4 times! And I have no idea what to do about the couch! The entire tub is empty, and it had only been used like 4 times!

Any tips?
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