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how to get into crib

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After cosleeping fro the past 6 months, Im trying to get DS in his crib. He is 6 months and one week. He slept in it last night, but it was with a adult pillow and a fan on him so it felt like he was in my bed. Needless to say I didnt sleep at all because I kept walking over and checking him. (crib in room) At 6 months, he is very strong, can hold his whole body up and is very active. Would it be okay to keep this pillow in crib, or should I try tonight without it? My only other option would be to try and put egg shells under his fitted sheet for softness. Because that seems to be the issue, he like the soft bed, not his crib matress. Thanks.
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those soft foamy wavy things. i dont know how to describe it. haha extra cushion
Ahhh!!! Like a egg crate mattress pad..I get it now.
FYI, I tried padding the crap out of my sons mattress, and sometimes he sleeps GREAT, other times, not so much. But his crib is in our room, so its not that hard for me to jump up and lean over to get him. I have thought about an egg crate though, let me know if it works for you.

I am DREADING when he gets moved into his own room, only because i know he will still wake constantly, and then i have to go ALL THE WAY to his room to get him. Unfortunatly MIL has this notion that they need to be in their own room by 4 months or else they get to used to sleeping with you, and then your in trouble. And of course, DH's mother couldnt POSSIBLY be wrong could she?
fortunatly for me, we put an addition on the house and his room isnt finished. And I wont move him until it is, so HA!
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If you're not so comfortable iwth the pillow, what about putting in a 'dirty' (i.e. one you've used and smells like you) pillow case in with him to give more of the same scene?
I'm starting out sidecarring the crib--it's like an extension of our bed.
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