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How to get your yogurt thick AND smooth

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So I can make smooth yogurt, or I can make thick yogurt, but I can't seem to make thick and smooth yogurt. Any tips?
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I'd recommend straining your yogurt over a paper towel or cheesecloth - and you'll have fabulous thick yogurt (and lots of whey) - but don't let it sit for too long or you'll have cheese.

Some folks will add gelatin as a thickener.

I've had to play around with the starter culture I use - maybe try some other brands and you may get a thicker yogurt.

Good luck!
I am not sure what type of milk you use to make yogurt. The higher fat milk I use the thicker my yogurt turns out. However, I could make very thick and smooth yogurt using skim (or 1% fat) milk mixed with coconut milk. I mix about 5 cups of low fat milk with 1 can of light coconut milk and incubate for about 8 hours. The texture is thick and smooth every time. I don't use any sweetener in my yogurt, just a bit of vanilla. My husband loves it!
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For making it smooth.....I whisk the yogurt just before I serve takes a little extra elbow grease but after just a minute or two I am able to make it good and smooth. I have a little miniature whisk that I use but I bet a fork would work too.
If you're using a reduced-fat milk, that may be the cause of a too-thin yogurt. I've actually been adding extra cream to the milk I use for yogurt. I like the creamy sweetness of high-fat-content yogurt, and it definitely makes it thicker. I also second the recommendation to strain your yogurt, and whisk it. Also, watch the strength of your yogurt culture. If you're culturing back with your own homemade yogurt, the efficacy of the culture can reduce over time, and you'll get runny yogurt. I find that every third or fourth batch, I need to go back to using a commercial culture.
Definitely increase the milkfat content.

And never stir the yogurt while it's hot. Chill it completely before stirring it. Every time I've ever stirred it while hot it's turned out grainy.

I also will often get separation in my fermentation container, so pour off the whey rather than stirring it back in. And if it's still too runny, I just us a flour sack towel or a piece of muslin to drain the whey out. If you get it too thick, just stir a little bit of the whey back into it for the perfect thickness.
I use whole milk, but I buy milk and cream every week, so I could always add in a bit of extra cream. And I will definitely whisk before using.
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