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how to give 2 y.o. medicine???

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I've seen the email about giving your cat a pill but I haven't seen anything on how to get your toddler to take a spoonful of yucky tasting medicine.
Any ideas?

Unfortunately dd doesn't have much of a sweet tooth so sweetening it up hasn't worked. I just have to get her to take a few diluted drops of an herbal remedy for her cough but so far it hasn't been pretty.
I'd appreciate any thoughts.
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Oh momma, I feel your pain!!! I can't get Max to take meds anymore either... he really fights me, and I feel mean, even though I know he needs them. I try to use the dropper/plungers for liquid medicines, and work fast! The best way to get it in is to plunge the liquid into their mouth between the cheek and gum as far back as possible, they have no option other than swallowing it that way, if you put it on her tongue, she will likely spit it back out.

My best option has been to buy all of Max's meds in chewable tablet form... I don't know that everything is available this way though. I actually had to start this when Max was only 1, but it works well, he happily accepts the tablets, he just can't stand the taste of most of the liquids.

I also try to give liquids in the bath... he is a little more relaxed, and if he does spit it out, it doesn't make a sticky mess everywhere. You can TRY to put it in juice, but you want to make sure that you don't give so much juice that she won't finish all of it. I haven't tried that route, so I don't know how successful it would be, I'm sure it would just make the juice taste nasty and would possibly have the same effect as just giving the meds alone.

Good luck! If you find something that works well, let me know!!!
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The only thing that worked with my daughter at this age was to tell her, "You HAVE to take this. I know you don't like it, but Mommy would not ask you to take this unless it was really, really important. When you have finished your medicine, you can have a special treat. What kind of treat do you want when you've finished your medicine? Let's go pick it out now and you can hold it while you take your medicine." That kind of thing. Stay calm and encouraging, but firm. Reward lavishly so she'll remember the reward more than the medicine afterwards, but don't get wild about celebrating when (if) she takes the medication, or else she'll get the idea that this is a power struggle she can win.

Also, we discovered Acetominophen suppositories during this time. If all else fails, maybe you can ask about having the medication made into a suppository form? I know it sounds awful, but if she really needs the medication, you do what you gotta do, right?

Hang in there. I thought my daughter would never outgrow this phase, but she did, in less than a year. Thank heavens she stayed relatively healthy for most of that year. I think getting her to take her medicine was more stressful than dealing with a sick toddler!
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Yep, seconding the suppositories. My dd gets barfy when she's feverish, so even when we managed to get the liquid form down her, she would promptly barf it back up. Suppositories stayed in, and worked.

She was sick last week, and I gave her the choice between butt medicine and mouth medicine. She decided mouth medicine, and took it just fine, and the suppository era may have just ended. But definitely useful.

She had to take an antibiotic that she didn't like much earlier this week (Augmentin, for a short time in a run of Amoxicillin, which she likes just fine) and I poured it over a little bit of ice cream and then gave her little spoonfulls, antibiotic over ice cream. She had the whole thing. She LOVES ice cream, though, a rare treat.
Yeah, I'd probably try the suppositories but I'm trying to give her an herbal tonic. Tonight I tried mixing it up with some jam and giving it to her on toast. She ate 1/4 of a slice so I guess that was something. I'm going to try getting some drops in tonight when she's sleeping (not enough to choke her, just a little, the stuff really doesn't taste bad, I guess it's just the principle of the thing.)
Happily an aromatherapy salve I'm rubbing on her chest and feet seems to be helping too.
Wish me luck!
I like the needle things to give medicine to Emily. Sometimes she just will not take anything and at least you can put it in her mouth and squert it in!
Woo hoo! Today I explained to dd that it was time to take her medicine but that as soon as she'd had it all she could have a foil wrapped chocolate and she said "okay" and then happily opened her mouth so I could squirt the stuff in!!!!
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I say bribe em. I give my dd a "sticker" before and after the act. She usually goes for it. I've found that she might refuse but if I keep it out in hand she will suddenly come over and take it (in a syringe)
Good luck!
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