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How to give medicine to a 20 month old?

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I need ideas on how to give medicine to my 20 month old. He's got two nasty ear infections so I got some antibiotics for him (I know, many are against antibiotics but in this case I decided he needed them). The only problem is he won't let me near him with the medicine, nor will he take it himself. I finally got him to take it (holding his head and squirt it in his mouth
) but he was so upset he puked it all back up
I don't want to tramatize him for the next 10 days but he needs to take this medicine. Any ideas?
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Sounds like you're using the dropper. Did you try the spoon? I find dd prefers that and will often try to feed herself the medicine.
Hi Steph!

If he doesn't like the dropper, I'd say try a spoon like the pp suggested .. or ..
measure w/dropper, and put in a little cup for him to drink or sip up with a straw. Straws are the only way we can get the peanut to take any meds :LOL
I hate giving medicine to toddlers! As a nurse I had to learn to be quick and sneaky. So I draw it up in an oral syringe (you can buy this at drugstore), get a drink ready and don't let them know about it. I get ahold of them in a semi-sitting position, put the syringe in the back corner of the mouth, put it in, and hold just under their throat until they swallow. Then I immediately congratulate them and offer a drink. I talk quietly the whole time, but I make sure I do it in 30 sec. or less. No chasing, pleading, etc. This gives them a chance to get upset and work themselves up. You must hold their jaw or they can and usually will spit it back up.

Good luck, my husband will not give medicines to our toddlers, I have to do it. And I always feel mean and terrible.
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