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That argument which using baby diapers will cause all kinds of harm for baby are many, many mothers are more worried. In fact, reasonable using is nothing to get too worried about. Five problems are often prone to wear diapers because caused by improper use, these misunderstandings mothers have avoided?

1 Diaper rash

Diapers replacement is not timely, resulting in the baby's buttocks uncomfortable. If diapers are unable to keep dry, it is causing diaper rash. Suggested that the new mommy should choose the appropriate diapers depending to season or climate. And new mommy also pay attention to the size of diapers. No tight, No loose.

Now there are many training products designed specifically for baby in the market, such as pull-up pants, which is easy to wear off.

2 injured skin ass

Properly using baby diapers is not damage baby ass skin. Because the quality baby diapers are very soft, especially Chiaus baby diapers. Sometimes, quality baby diapers are still with a skin care cream, and it can form a protective film, which does not affect the health of your baby's skin. But if the diapers wear for a long time, the baby's hip will be a rise in the temperature, which is easy to take away the body of water. Because and the baby's skin is very delicate, repeated friction wrinkle easily the skin.

3 umbilical cord inflammation

Diaper dressed just stuck in the baby's waist, if the newborn is not yet off the umbilical cord, increasing friction between diapers and the newborn navel. It's easy to make the skin wear, appear inflammation, bleeding and other issues. To avoid such problems, while you are changing diaper for your baby, we must remember that diaper part close to the baby umbilical inwards or outwards.

4 The O-shape leg

The reasons caused O-shape leg are many. The main reason is that the baby calcium deficiency, and it is none of disposable diapers. But if the baby's diaper don't be changed in time, more and more urine will flock two sides of diapers, and diapers are expanding After absorbing. If time grew, it will make your baby have a thigh outward expansion of consciousness. Not only it affects the walk, but also isn't conducive to skeletal development.

5 Not too long to change diapers

The wearing baby diapers time is not beyond 24 hours or longer. Because the baby's ass also need to breathe. When you change diapers for the baby, you should clean him/her first with baby wet wipes. Of course, you need to be reminded that, to ensure that the indoor temperature is appropriate, don't let the baby cold. At this time we must accompany them to ensure that they are safe.

Additional observations will be welcome. :grin::grin::grin:
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