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how to keep baby away from cat's food?

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Help! My newly mobile baby and I are both getting frustrated because ALL he wants to do is get into the cat's food and spread it all over the kitchen and eat it! Any suggestions other than constant distractions and repeated "no"s? This is ds #1 and he's just starting to commando crawl, so any info would help.
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I have the front entry-way of my house gated off. Several times each day, I put the dogs' food and water in there and they go in to eat and drink in peace. They had always had access to food and water all the time and they don't mind this arrangement at all. It's much easier to keep the food away from the baby than the baby away from the food! :LOL
I just put the cat food away when my little one is awake and crawling around. When she's sleeping, I put it back down. Much easier than the constant vigilance!
My parents slid the microwave away from the edge of the counter (sideways not front) and put the dishes on the end of the counter. Sure, cats aren't the greatest things to have on the counter, but better than the food being all over.
we have our cat food in a bathroom - and a 6" (8"?) hook and eye on the door, so the cats can get in and out, but the kid can't.
Yup, move the cat dishes.
I keep them on a part of the counter that is in a different area than where the food is kept, or sometimes I've kept them on top of my hutch in the dining room.
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yeah, just move the dishes to a tabletop somewhere. Cat can jump, baby can't. Don't even waste your time trying to teach baby not to go for it.
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We let our dd play with the dog food all she wanted until the novelty wore off and she lost interest. It was really annoying for a while, but she did lose interest eventually.
This is of no help, but I feed my cat on top of the not-yet-unpacked kitchen box from our move last month.
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At our old place we had a baby barrier thing around it and it went on the dining room table for a while. Here we only put the food down at night when the babe is asleep and it goes back up one the dryer in the morning.
Yep.... up on the dryer is where ours is.
I think I'd go crazy if I had to keep Ava out of it!
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