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how to keep supply up when pregnate?

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i just found out that i will be having another baby. my son right now is 9 going on 10 months. i would love to keep Bfing him but fear my supply will get low and then dry up like it did the last time. ( was BFing daughter when i was pregnate with son who are 13months apart.) any ideas how i can keep this from happening? i would love to feed my son as long as possible as i wanted to with my daughter. any help is great. thanks.
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AKAIK, nothing you can do. It's a hormone thing. But, it can't hurt to drink extra fluids and eat as healthily as possible.
Hi kittynpokey, I just posted about this on a thread in the fertility forum!
I'm just gonna cut 'n paste my post from over there, K? Here it is:

This book is great, I just started reading my new copy. It discusses breastfeeding through pregnancy:

Here is another, a booklet, I haven't read it yet:

Here's a thread regarding this subject, I posted at #11 with a bunch of info I found about supplements, etc. to try to keep your milk supply up:

Here's an article:

Here's what has to say about it:

And here's a LLL link:

Also, doing a search for nursing in the DDCs can be very interesting- you can read the threads that women in each ddc kept to discuss how nursing was/is going for them.

I hope this helps!
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oops, my links aren't working, let me go fix that.

ETA: All righty, I think they're fixed.
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