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How to keep toddler happy and entertained?

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I have been having a lot of nausea and then hit a wall of fatigue around 4 pm.

My toddler is not a little guy who plays well by himself. When I am laying down he thinks it is prime time to crawl all over me which doesn't make me feel any better :LOL

I have tried putting out different things for him to play with, but they are short lived. I don't want to resort to TV, but that remote control is very tempting.

Any one else having the same problem and finding something that is working?
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Check out this thread for some ideas:

Also, you could look into getting a mother's helper a couple of times a week -- a young(ish) girl who will come watch/play with your child while you relax or nap or do something for you in another room. She gets babysitting experience, and you get a little free Me Time, and yet you're right there if she needs you. And while you'd have to pay her (probably!) it wouldn't be as much as a babysitter, b/c there's not as much responsibility.

HTH! Good luck, hon!

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