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How to make a lantern w/recycled materials

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Hello! Every year my son's school makes different lanterns for a Costa Rican holiday, and this year we are to make them at home with recycled materials. I was just wondering if anyone has made one or can refer me to a website. Thanks!
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That sounds like a fun assignment. I made some laterns out of old cans one time. Paint cans work really well for this if they are clean, but you can use any kind of tin can, like a soup can or whatever. The different sizes make a group of them look really pretty.

OK, here's what we did:

1. fill the can with water and freeze overnight
2. take the ice-filled can out of the freezer and use a hammer and awl or nail to punch holes all around the can. You can make all kinds of pretty pictures and designs.
3. If it's not a paint can that already has a handle, you can punch two holes up at the top to thread a hanger through. Just plain old wire from a coat hanger works fine, but you can get creative if you want
4. When the ice melts, just put a candle in the can and voila! They look really pretty.

Here's a link to a picture, her directions are a little different from mine but the results are the same.

A search on Flickr for "recycled lanterns" had some cool pictures.

OK, well now I want to make a lantern too. Have fun with your project!
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Thank you so much!! We will definately make a few of those, they are simple and cute!
I just checked out your store and had to tell you I love everything! So adorable!
Aw, thank you so much
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