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So in case you are interested, I figured out how to resize the WW knickers pattern to make a fleece (or wool) pull-up cover for newborns. You can cut/sew this up in less than 30 minutes easily, and ANYONE can make one! Now you won't have to stalk for a Luxe cover AND raid your cookie jar (and your bank account; those Luxe's are pricey!). My cover probably costs around 50 cents.

Here is the pattern (for those of you that don't know):

My adaption worked on a 6.5 pound 20 (or was it 21?) inch newborn, and still fits over his fitted and PFs at 7 weeks, 11.5 pounds, and 23 inches (as seen in photo) with some room to spare. They also fit on my niece who was 7.5 pounds at birth. I used cheap one-layer printed Walmart fleece and unless the diaper is completely soaked (like 4-5 hours overnight) it makes a perfect leakproof cover. You can also use old 100% poly fleece sweatshirts or wool/cashmere sweaters.

1. Shrink the pattern to 80% of its size.
2. Cut out the back and front pieces out of your fleece.
3. Cut the waistband 15 inches long, 3.5 inches wide. This will be folded.
4. Cut your 2 leg pieces 9 inches long, 3 inches wide. I wanted them to resemble little shorts, so after folding they are 1.5 inches.

Sew it up as they suggest (faux serging) and don't worry about waist elastic, it is not necessary. Here are the pics:
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