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how to make diaper pail deodorizers

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I thought I had seen a recipe before for this but could be mistaken. Has anyone made these? I'd appreciate any recipes or links, thanks!
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I posted one. I haven't tried it yet since I don't have a baby yet... but it looks pretty easy and I am going to give it a try.

A la

baking soda
distilled water
a couple of drops lavender oil, peppermint oil (or other scented oils)

Make a thick paste and put it in a muffin tin in the paper muffin cups and let dry overnight. The are cakes about 1/3" thick. Remove the paper cup and tape the disk to the diaper pail lid. Afterward, I'll crumble it into the diapers when washing. No waste!

I plan to try lavender and tea tree oils, since I aim to have them on hand anyway for wipes solution. Unfortunately, DH HATES the smell of tea tree oil, so we'll have to see how our marriage holds up, tee hee. (Does 1/3" seem thin for the cakes to anyone else?)
I used that recipe, but I got it from a different site. I made my disks thicker. I think they're about an inch or so thick. They work great, but next time I'll use more oil. I used TTO, but I didn't use enough. The smell faded while the disks were drying (which took a few days, since South Carolina summers are humid).
Thanks! It sounds pretty easy. I want to make alot in advance, does anyone know how well they keep?
Seems you'd have to worry about two things with them keeping... humidity and losing the scent of the oils. Seems if you kept them tightly wrapped and in the freezer... they might keep quite well?

I'm just speculating, though. Not sure if the freezer would be helpful, but I think you'd definiately want to keep them tightly wrapped.

Originally posted by omegamama
Thanks! It sounds pretty easy. I want to make alot in advance, does anyone know how well they keep?
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