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how to make Flower crowns?

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I want to make some crowns with the dd's for summer solstice out of flowers and ribbon that will dry so they can keep them. How do I do it and what do I need?
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We made some may crowns for may day. We finger knitted using wool yarn (I'm sure you can finger knit with ribbon) and then stuck flowers and leaves and herbs in it. Turned out pretty nice. We didn't dry the flowers though...
I had a crown of daisies (my fav flower
) in my hair for my wedding. The lady that made mine used a jute kind of string to "knot" the daisies together and then went over top of it with ribbon and stuck baby's breath all around. Not sure about drying them though...sry!
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ahhh, flower crowns are so fun. and is there anything in the world sweeter than a child wearing one?
you need twine and flowers that have at least a couple inches of stem on them to work with. you twine the first couple together, then stagger another couple above them, and twine on up to those and so on and so on, until youve got a big enough crown. then you wind ribben around where you twine'd. it's not hard once you get going-here's dd in one i made the other week-
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that is the cutest picture ever! thank you!
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