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My 4 1/2 year-old still refuses to sleep in her own bed- says it is lonely. She has always been in our bed and its been fine- but she wants to stay up late now (and jump on the bed and be loud) and we can't- and she keeps everyone up in the bed- I have a toddler too and he goes to sleep earlier, or would if he could.

I want to tell her she can stay up doing crafts in her own room and do crafts or else go sleep in our bed but it results in a tantrum. She's very sensitive and has always needed to see me and be near me. I can't go lay with her because I'm nursing the toddler. It's been easier to just leave her in our bed- she won't go for a mattress nearby in the same room- she wants in bed with us. This used to be very snuggly but its getting annoying because she won't go to sleep.

What to do?
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