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Hi Sarah,

What advice would you give to someone on how to find their calling/passion/thing?

I feel like I have so many ideas or things that interest me but I feel so confused when it comes to which to pursue or spend more time on.



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Dear Alisha,

Good question! It brings to mind this quote from the brilliant tv show "My So Called Life" that was on back in the 90s starring Claire Danes

(Click here to watch the trailer & enjoy a blast from the past....)

"People always say you should be yourself. Like yourself is a definite thing - like a toaster or something."

Some of us are blessed to find that magical thing known as a "calling", a "passion", or "my thing" almost by accident. We read a book, have an encounter, have our eyes opened by one magical teacher, and we simply know. My fortuitous introduction to birth work came at age 21, and 20 years later I am still enthralled. My path to being a business woman and business coach, however, has unfolded gradually (and sometimes painfully) over the past decade. If you'd told me I'd be doing this 10 years ago I would have howled with laughter.

Feel glad to have so many things and ideas that interest you! A few questions to ponder:

1. Do you need to make money? how much? How many hours a week do you want to be working in an ideal world?

2. Do you want $ to be one of your primary motivations in defining your "thing", or is it more motivated by personal goals & what you want to bring to the wider community?

3. Consider how each of these areas of interest makes you feel - is it something you feel nourished by? excited by?

4. Make a list for yourself of all the ways you could transform each of these areas of interest into a $-earning activity, then place a heart by the ones that make you feel exited, and a star by the ones that feel like an 'edge' you'd like to explore.

5. Look for your edge - sometimes the place that makes us the most uncomfortable is exactly where we're supposed to be.

I'd also put forward the idea that our work doesn't have to be our calling. Sometimes it's perfect being able to go, do a job, do it well, and come home.




Sarah Juliusson

Business "doula"

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