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Hi all,

I did my first batch of CD laundry the other day and discovered that some of the dipes had gotten mildewy
Little black and pink spots.. The sun has done a good job of fading the stains though.

Then today I did laundry again - the day before yesterday was the first time I did them - and one of my dipes was mildewy this time too!! Doing diaper laundry every other day I can handle, but not every day... I do not have a washer/dryer of my own.

So, two questions:

1. How do I keep them from mildewing, without washing diapers every day? Right now I am just tossing them into a trash bag in a trash can; haven't ordered a wetbag yet - maybe the trash bag is the problem, and a wetbag will be more breathable? Should I leave the lid to the trash can open? (ew)

2. Is it ok to use these diapers? They're been washed and everything, are they safe for baby to wear now?

(ok that was kind of more than two questions... ah well :LOL )

Thanks in advance, I'm new to the whole CD thing and really want it to go well!
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